The Witch And The Beast Episode 7: Release Date, Streaming Details, Expected Plot And More

As Helga Velvette's true power emerges and Ashaf & Guideau's intentions become clearer, fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in Episode 7. Find out more about the episode's release and more here.

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Kousuke Satake, Yokohama Animation Laboratory, Crunchyroll
The Witch And The Beast [Kousuke Satake, Yokohama Animation Laboratory, Crunchyroll]

In the gripping world of The Witch and The Beast, Episode 6 left audiences on the edge of their seats with Helga's intense chase and shocking revelations. With the stage set for confrontations, alliances, and further exploration of the series' rich lore, the upcoming episode promises to deliver another thrilling installment. Let's delve into the intricacies of this captivating tale and look into the release date of The Witch And The Beast Episode 7, where to stream it, the expected plot, and a recap of the previous episode.

The Witch And The Beast [Kousuke Satake, Yokohama Animation Laboratory, Crunchyroll]

Release date and streaming details

The Witch and the Beast Episode 7 is set to premiere on March 1, 2024, in Japan at approximately 1:30 am (JST). For most viewers outside of Japan, the episode will be available during the daytime on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

The episode will air in Japan on TBS and BS11 networks following the established weekly release pattern, with new episodes becoming available every Friday. Once the episode airs in Japan, it will be accessible for streaming on Crunchyroll. Additionally, viewers can catch it on various other streaming services in selected regions, including Bilibili Global, iQIYI, and Aniplus.

The Witch And The Beast [Kousuke Satake, Yokohama Animation Laboratory, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot

Helga Velvette, armed with the Demon Sword, is likely to remain a target for both the Paladin Corps and Ashaf and Guideau. The Witch and the Beast Episode 7 may feature a continuation of the chase as Helga seeks to kill Cugat.


The revelation of Helga's identity as a descendant of Quena Velvette, an Origin with the potential to destroy the world, suggests that her character arc will play a significant role in the current arc. With Ashaf's claim that he would shelter Helga and his revelation that she may not be responsible for the murders, we may see the two go through another encounter in The Witch and the Beast Episode 7.

The Witch And The Beast [Kousuke Satake, Yokohama Animation Laboratory, Crunchyroll]

The Witch and the Beast Episode 6 recap

In The Witch and The Beast Episode 6, the Paladin Corps reveal their dark side. Guideau awakens and demands Ashaf to hand her something, eventually revealing a black letter indicating a witch case. They must contact the witch responsible for a series of murders and catch her before the Paladin Corps. Concurrently, glimpses of a Paladin member fighting the witch are shown.

Upon arriving at the city, Ashaf tricks a Paladin into granting them access to a restricted area. Meanwhile, Cugat, the army's commander, arrives at their castle after battling the witch, declaring his intent to defeat her. An emissary from the church assists by providing information. Ashaf creates an opening in a barrier, allowing Guideau to confront the witch, Helga Velvette.

Helga, with red hair and the power to summon swords, easily defeats three Seekers sent by the Paladins. As Guideau engages in combat, Ashaf casts a compression spell, sealing Helga within a ball. Ashaf identifies Helga as the descendant of an Origin, Quena Velvette, known as the weakest witch yet possessing the power to destroy the world.


Helga breaks free and wields the Demon Sword, granting immense power. Ashaf attempts to reason with her, claiming to shelter her and knowing she isn't responsible for the murders. However, the Paladin Corps attacks, prompting Helga to flee to confront Cugat. Guideau joins her, vowing to kill Cugat once and for all.

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