Eric Ending Explained: What Happens To Vincent And Edgar?

Netflix's Eric is a gripping six-episode mini-series about a puppeteer's desperate search for his missing son in the 1980s. The series culminates in a heart-wrenching and emotional reunion.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Eric (PC: IMDB)
Key Highlight
  • Vincent, a puppeteer, descends into madness while searching for his missing son
  • The emotional climax sees Vincent using a TV appeal to reconnect with Edgar

May 30, 2024, saw the premiere of a British mini-series called Eric on Netflix. This six-episode thriller provides high-quality drama, excellent performances, and an enthralling storyline. It is set in the 1980s and depicts Vincent Anderson, a puppeteer whose life turns upside down after his son goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Quest for Edgar Anderson

The series commences with the sudden vanishing of a young boy known as Edgar Anderson. Vincent and Cassie, his parents are filled with terror as well as uncertainty about what is next. This is Vincent who loses himself to grief and desperation. 

While searching frantically for Edgar, Vincent’s sanity disintegrates thus pushing him closer to madness. He clings onto Eric- a monstrous puppet that becomes both his hope and despair symbolically.

Eric (PC: YouTube/ Netflix)

What is unknown to both Vincent and Cassie, however, is that after fighting furiously with his father one day Edgar follows a homeless man named Yusuuf into subway tunnels. 

Yusuuf takes care of him for some time without realizing that there may be something in it for him if he returns the boy. This period was characterized by anxiety because they were not aware of where their son was and their parents’ worry grew larger every minute.

This happens when police raid the subway tunnels and it becomes a pivotal point of narration in this story. Edgar manages to escape with help from another settlement dweller Raya. However, upon reaching up there he does not go home straight away. These delays make his parent’s worry grow worse especially Vincent who was losing hope.


In the final episode, Vincent finally breaks down completely. His despair causes him to pass out in the underground tunnels. Waking up, he notices a drawing on a wall which he immediately knows belongs to Edgar.

This brings back his will. He puts on an Eric puppet suit inspired by his son’s drawings and appears on TV during a protest. He says it tearfully. Vincent uses a phrase that he and Edgar used to share: race you home.

An emotional reunion

This broadcast is the Heart of the Matter. Edgar watches his father on TV and bolts back home. As they both rush towards each other, tension mounts climatically leading up to an emotional reunion. Vincent gets there just as Edgar turns the corner and they hug each other after what has been a traumatic experience.

Suspense and emotion are expertly combined in Eric which explores themes of loss, hope, and resilience. The mini-series captures not only a father’s desperate search for his lost child but also family bonds. The thrill keeps flowing in Eric until the curtain falls with an exciting story line, strong performances from actors.


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What is the main plot of
Eric follows Vincent Anderson's frantic search for his son Edgar, who disappears and ends up in a subway colony.

How does Vincent finally find Edgar?
Vincent finds Edgar by appealing to him on live TV while wearing a puppet suit, leading to their emotional reunion.

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