‘He Was A Mentor’: Shannen Doherty Credits Little House On The Prairie Co-Star Michael Landon For Igniting Her Passion Of Acting

Shannen Doherty recalls how her passion for acting developed while crediting her co-star for it.

Published on May 28, 2024  |  02:45 PM IST |  35.7K
Shannen Doherty credits Michael Landon for her acting career
Shannen Doherty (Instagram)

Shannen Doherty is known for the various roles that she has portrayed on screen. However, the actress has had a “mentor” who encouraged her and upskilled her talent. The person was none other than her Little House on the Prairie co-star, Michael Landon.

Let's learn what the Heathers actress has to say about the late star.

Shannen Doherty about Michael Landon

While we have seen Shannen Doherty portray a number of roles that have been loved for generations, she found inspiration during her early career years. It was during one of her initial shows that a person eventually went on to become her absolute guide.

During a recent episode of the Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty podcast, the actress recalled the time she had just stepped into the world of Hollywood. When Doherty was just 11 years old, she landed the role of Jenny Wilder on Little House on the Prairie. It was during the final season of the show, which aired from 1982–83. 

Calling it “the best experience” of her entire career, the Darkness of Man actress also claimed that her part in Little House on the Prairie actually shaped her entire career. 

Further talking about her co-star Michael Landon, she added, “I adored him. He was a mentor. He taught me so much.” Landon played the character of Charles Ingalls, who happened to be the family patriarch in the series. The actor passed away in the year 1991. 


Shedding light on her career, Doherty stated that throughout the “long span” of her career, there were some rough jobs and parts that were “unenjoyable.” However, “it was really the experience on Little House that spurred that passion for being an actor,” for the Beverly Hills, 90210, actress. 

She then also explained, “And it was having a mentor like Michael Landon,” while stating that she doesn't care about anyone else’s experience, adding, “I know the truth about that man, and he was just unbelievable.”

Shannen Doherty also stated that Landon was “incredibly caring” towards her family and a person who shaped her, calling him a “considerate” man.

Update on Shannen Doherty’s health

In the month of April this year, it was reported that Shannen Doherty has been fighting a battle with a severe type of breast cancer. As per a report by PEOPLE magazine, the actress found out about the disease in 2015. She went through treatments like surgery and medicine, after which the cancer seemed to have gone for a while. However, it came back, becoming more severe. 


At present, she is suffering from stage 4 cancer and the same has been spread to her other body parts.

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How old is Shannen Doherty?
Born on April 12, 1971 Shannen Doherty is 53 years old.

What role did Shannen Doherty play in Little House on the Prairie?
Shannen Doherty played the role of Jenny Wilder in Little House on the Prairie.

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