'I Think We're Ok': Jerrod Carmichael Reveals Where His Friendship With Tyler, the Creator Stands After 'Crush' Revelation

Jerrod Carmichael revealed his crush on best friend Tyler The Creator on national television which was followed by an awkward confrontation. Find out if they are still friends!

Published on Apr 02, 2024  |  07:49 PM IST |  48.7K
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Jerrod Carmichael and Tyler The Creator

Don’t fall for your best friend, says Jerrod Carmichael!

In the history of awkward conversations on reality television, the one between Tyler and Carmichael might take the cake! 

The stand-up comedian confessed his feelings for best friend Tyler The Creator on his reality series, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, which was followed by an awkward moment between the two. "I fell in love with my best friend. One out of 10, don't recommend," the Neighbors actor said.


Carmichael and Tyler’s fallout

The comedian-actor has been buddies with the rapper for a while, and unbeknownst to Tyler, the former developed a crush on him. The Poor Things actor recalled the moment he shared his feelings with Tyler. 

The New Magic Wand singer responded dryly to his confession, almost not taking it seriously. "Ha ha ha, you stupid!" he said in a voice note. Fast-forward a year, things remained weird between the friends who stopped talking after that chat. 

In an attempt to move on from his “unrequited” love, the Emmy-winning actor asked the rapper to be his date at the 2022 Emmy Awards. He joked about his “stupid” idea: "We can't even make eye contact for longer than two seconds, but you want to spend an evening together?" Carmichael said on a stand-up set. 

The Grammy-winning rapper declined the invite to the Emmys, saying he was busy, but the reason was probably more than that!


The awkward conversation between the duo

The first episode of Jerrod Carmichael's Reality Show shows a raw confrontation between the friends. The SNL star discussed the awkward distance in their friendship after he revealed his romantic feelings. "Because I told you I had feelings for you, and we didn't talk about it, ever," said Carmichael. 

Tyler admitted that he "brushed it off" and avoided confrontation with the former because he didn’t know what to say. "That was a lot to download. And now we're here, and I still don't know how to respond," the Earfquake rapper said. He later confessed that he has brotherly feelings for the actor. 

As if the conversation wasn’t awkward enough, a food delivery man interrupted them in the middle of their serious confrontation, which became an internet sensation!

"Screaming at this clip of Jerrod Carmichael telling Tyler the Creator how he had feelings for him and Tyler ordering food in the middle of their discussion about him avoiding it," a fan wrote on X. 


Where does Carmichael and Tyler’s friendship stand today?

In an interview with Esquire, the Emmy-winning actor revealed that his friendship with Tyler was “okay” now and described their conversation as "so wild and important." 


"I'm in New York now, so I don’t see him that often, but still admire him and love him, and his friendship meant so much to me, and he inspired me so much," Carmichael said. 

"I think every conversation in the show has made the relationship better, at least more honest. But I think we’re good," Carmichael added. He also talked about a conversation that didn’t happen on TV, which helped them straighten things out. 

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