Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara, and More Reveal If They Have Ever Lied to Land a Job

Jodie Foster believed that "lying pays off" while Sofia Vergara shares a hilarious story of how she landed a role for Broadway musical! Check out the candid actress round-table discussion!

Updated on May 31, 2024  |  09:08 PM IST |  44.6K
Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara (via Instagram)

Some of the best drama actresses gathered for a candid conversation for The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actress Roundtable. The panel was graced by Oscar-winning actresses Nicole Kidman, Brie Larson, and Jodie Foster. As well as critically acclaimed actresses, including Jennifer Aniston, Anna Sawai, Naomi Watts and Sofia Vergara. Turns out the contemporaries had more in common than they realized!


Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Brie Larson and more reveal if they lied to get a role

The Hollywood Reporter, renowned for its exclusive annual actress roundtable, brought together some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses for a candid conversation. 

When the interviewer broached the topic of lying to get a job, the actresses didn't hold back. Naomi Watts enthusiastically confessed to doing so, particularly in multiple languages and lots of weird sports. “We all lied and said that we knew how to ride a horse, and we couldn’t,” Brie Larson said. 

Kidman added that she didn’t have to lie about horse riding, but she did once lie about ice skating. “Not a good one to lie about,” she added. 

Aniston admitted to not being completely honest in her career but has said no when certain requests didn’t check her boxes. “I said I couldn’t ride a horse just because I didn’t want to ride the horse,” the Friends actress added. 



Sofia Vergara got a gig after lying to her agents 

The Modern Family actress had a unique story on the topic, which threw her fellow roundtable actresses for a loop. Although the actress hadn’t lied to get a job, she had lied to her LA agent about knowing how to sing and dance. 

“I said I could sing and dance. Why not? I didn’t think they were going to send me out,” she said. However, to her surprise, the Colombian-American actress was sent in for a musical audition for Chicago on Broadway. Everyone blurted out “NO” in unison!

But the most surprising part of the story was that she got the part! When the Morning Show actress enquired about what happened next, she said, “I played Mama Morton in Chicago.” Turns out Veraga can sing and dance well enough to perform on Broadway! 

The conversation ended on this hilarious note, and Jodie Foster concluded that “lying pays off” in the film industry. 



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