Lily Gladstone Reveals She Had ‘Wonderful’ Conversation With Fellow Oscar Nominee Emma Stone On Awards Being ‘Ridiculous’

Lily Gladstone didn't mind loosing her Academy Award to fellow nominee as she finds pitting art against art unfair. The actress revealed why she campaigned her character to be seen as lead!

Published on Jun 07, 2024  |  12:06 AM IST |  35.1K
Lily Gladstone (via IMDB)

Lily Gladstone finds pitting art against art “ridiculous”!

The Killers of The Flower Moon actress was nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award, which she lost to fellow nominee Emma Stone. However, Gladstone has no hard feelings about the loss and had “wonderful conversations” about it with Stone.


Lily Gladstone calls award shows ridiculous

There were rumors and predictions everywhere that Gladstone would win at the 96th Academy Awards, and her hometown folks anticipated it with bated breath. However, she didn’t win the Oscar, but the actress was not at all upset over the outcome. 

“Emma and I talked about it and had wonderful conversations about how ridiculous it is to place art in competition,” Gladstone told Variety. 

She added that awards are meant to be accolades, and getting nominated alone should be considered a huge victory. But in the cutthroat business like the film industry, competition does seep in, which the Certain Women actress finds unfair. “How does that work in something so subjective and personal as art?” she added. 


Would Gladstone have won if she was nominated for supporting actress?

A consensus among pundits said the actress was highly likely to win if nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2024 Oscars. This would have made sense, considering her character Mollie Burkhart appeared for 56 minutes in the three-and-a-half-hour runtime of Killers of the Flower Moon.


Despite having a short screen time, her character represented suffering and bravery in the face of brutality, which was captivating enough for the Best Actress category. Gladstone revealed that she didn’t campaign herself as a supporting actress because winning was not her end goal. 

“I never decided I needed to improve my odds or boost my career. That was my last thought,” she said. She added that her character’s place in the lead actress category wasn’t for herself, but she found Mollie to be the heart of the Osage. 

And that community was the “humanity” of the whole story. “Your heart is not a supporting organ. Your soul and your conscience are not supporting voices. It’s the compass of everything,” Gladstone shared. 

The actress is all for the supporting actress category and was glad that a woman of color took the trophy home. But she knew her character was powerful enough to be the lead. “We’re very strong when we are supporting, but it’s also really powerful to just accept that we lead,” the Oscar-nominated actress added. 



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