Rebel Wilson Backed By Other Women After her Harassment Claims Against Sacha Baron Cohen; Actress Says ‘Truth Will Come Out’

Rebel Wilson says truth will come out after Sacha Baron Cohen denied her harassment allegations on the sets of Grimsby. Wilson calls the support of other women "comforting" amidst the feud!

Published on Apr 07, 2024  |  08:58 PM IST |  74.3K
Rebel Wilson And Sacha Baron Cohen

A new chapter unfolded in the Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen drama!

In her expose memoir Rebel Rising, the Pitch Perfect actress accused Cohen of “humiliation” and sexual abuse on the sets of the spy comedy Grimsby. The Borat actor outrightly denied the claims. Now, Wilson has vowed to bring out the truth after contacting several women who have sexual harassment complaints against Cohen. 


Wilson throws an open challenge 

After the actor refused the allegations, claiming it a “cynical commercial ploy” to promote her book, Wilson slammed the former for his “a**hole move. 

 “When you write your truth, not everyone is going to like it. And when someone is an a**hole, I kind of expected that he would come out and fiercely deny it,” she said. 

Reportedly, Cohen, who announced his split from his wife Isla Fisher after 20 years, attempted to censor Wilson’s memoir, which she didn’t. Now, The Hustle star claims to have support from other women in this messy fight. 

“What’s been comforting is, like, several women have now been in contact, and it’s up to them whether they want to go public with their stories. Because it is hard to say something against somebody who’s high profile because they hit you with high-price lawyers and crisis PR people and all sorts of little tricks,” she said. 


Wilson emphasized that the “truth” will come out, "But I always think the truth will come out, which is why it’s great to have the book out now so people don’t just read the headlines but can read the actual chapter,” she said. 


What were Rebel Wilson’s claims against Cohen?

Wilson, 44, starred opposite the Bruno actor on Grimsby, which the latter co-wrote and co-produced. The actress shared that shooting some scenes of the movie felt like “being humiliated” and “sexually harassed.”

Fearing she would be labeled as a “troublemaker”, she picked up everything that was thrown at her, including a scene where she had to perform a sex act.
“One of the reasons why I wrote it is because I felt shame at the time that I didn’t do more. What I should have done is left that set — the moment that first act happened, I should have left,” Wilson said. 


“I should have just gone back to the hotel, demanded to leave and never come back. But we had the same agent at the time, and I was kind of, you know, talked around into, ‘Well, just be professional. And if anything else happens, then you can leave,’ ” she continued. 


Why did Wilson decide to speak up now?

The Isn’t It Romantic actress shared that it was easier for her to reveal the incident due to progressive moments like #MeToo. “The great thing about having the #MeToo movement is that now if something happened like that, the 44-year-old version of myself, like would just get out of it, put them on blast publicly, because I won’t stand for that,” she said. 

“But back then, ten years ago, it was different, you know, there wasn’t intimacy coaches on set. It was a very different vibe. And often not great for women. I wish I knew back then how to handle it,” Wilson shared. 


The ongoing feud between the former co-stars is speculated to be a catalyst for Isla Fisher to end her marriage with Cohen. The two announced their split through a joint statement on Instagram. “After a long tennis match lasting over twenty years, we are finally putting our racquets down. In 2023 we jointly filed to end our marriage,” the statement read. 


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