Social Network Star Jesse Eisenberg Reveals He Applied For Polish Citizenship Nine Months Ago; Here's Why

Jesse Eisenberg's application for Polish citizenship reflects a genuine desire to reconnect with his familial heritage. Inspired by his family's ties to Poland, Eisenberg seeks to honor his roots.

Published on May 27, 2024  |  01:50 PM IST |  61K
Jesse Eisenberg (IMDb)

Jesse Eisenberg is in the process of becoming a Polish citizen, as revealed by the Social Network star himself.

"I applied for Polish citizenship about 9 months ago. All the paperwork has already been submitted and I'm waiting for the final signature," Eisenberg told the local newspaper Glos Wielkopolski earlier this month. "My family is from the south-east of Poland, from Krasnystaw. My wife's family is from Łódź. We wanted to have a deeper connection with Poland, and I would like to work here more."

Eisenberg, who is married to former set production assistant Anna Strout, noted that he shot his directorial film A Real Pain in Poland and wishes to undertake more projects there.

Jesse Eisenberg says his Polish roots inspired A Real Pain

“I feel a bond with Poland,” Eisenberg said. “Growing up, I heard stories about Polish relationships with my Jewish family, and all of those stories were wonderful. We were best friends with Poles.”

“My family lived in Krasnystaw until the war began. One person survived the war and moved to Szczecin. Sadly, she recently died from COVID,” the Oscar-nominated actor added, noting that his upcoming movie A Real Pain was inspired by his ancestral home.

“This movie is fictional. It's about two American cousins who go to Poland on a journey to their roots to see where their family comes from. It's a bit of a buddy comedy, and we filmed in all the places my family is from."


A Real Pain, which will be released in October, was filmed in Krasnystaw, Warsaw, Lublin, Krasniki, and Radom.

“When I worked here, I met people who had connections with the government. So I told them I would really like to create a better relationship between Jews and Poles,” Eisenberg continued. “For me, it's very sad that these relationships are not the best. I told them I would love to do it. My family is from here, and my wife’s family is from here. I asked: 'Is there any option to apply for Polish Citizenship?'”

Eisenberg on wanting to film more projects in Poland 

Next, Eisenberg will direct a film in New Jersey about “a very shy woman who joins community theater” and Now You See Me 3.

“It films in Budapest,” the actor/filmmaker informed, saying, “I wish it could film here, of course, but Hungary has these tax incentives that lure American filmmakers over that I wish Poland had.” He added that he feels a personal connection to the land, especially given how in America everyone is very new, apart from the people who were there first, the Indigenous Americans. “Poland made me feel a real connection to something historically bigger than myself,” Eisenberg added.


Speaking with Variety, Eisenberg’s producer for A Real Pain confirmed that the team was willing to return for a second film, saying, “[They were] thinking about making another project in Poland, but the money was gone.”

The producer added, “In the case of Jesse Eisenberg’s film, everyone was from Poland except for the actors and the director.”

Eisenberg has directed, written, and starred in A Real Pain, alongside Succession’s Keiran Culkin. The film recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

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What inspired Jesse Eisenberg's interest in Poland?
Growing up, Eisenberg heard stories about his family's connections to Poland, particularly the positive relationships between his Jewish family and Polish individuals.

How did Jesse Eisenberg's family history influence his upcoming movie, A Real Pain?
A Real Pain is inspired by Eisenberg's ancestral home in Poland. It follows two American cousins on a journey to discover their roots, mirroring Eisenberg's own familial experiences.

Where was A Real Pain filmed?
The movie was filmed in various locations in Poland, including Krasnystaw, Warsaw, Lublin, Krasniki, and Radom.

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