Taylor Swift’s Track The Black Dog Has Created Frenzy At The London Club; Owner Hints At Joe Alwyn Being A ‘Regular’

After the smashing success of Taylor Swift's TTPD, the owner of The Black Dog club says a 'certain blonde' guy is one of the regulars at the club and fans can't help but join the dots to Joe Alwyn.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  07:40 PM IST |  41.2K
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Taylor Swift has the power to flourish businesses! The Bad Blood singer recently released her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department. The 17th track mentions a specific London club, The Black Dog, that her unnamed Ex would often visit. Since the song's release, the owner has been relishing the attention.

The Black Dog’s owner, Lily Bottomley, spoke to Sky News on Monday about the colossal increase in crowds since the songstress' shout-out. During her conversation, she hinted at “a certain blonde” who often visits her club. 

Did the owner of The Black Dog drop a hint about Joe Alwyn?

The owner of the London club said, “I don’t want to give too much away. We do have a certain blond regular who frequents, let’s just say that.”

It’s no secret that the song The Black Dog also alludes to one of Swift’s ex-flames, most probably Joe Alwyn—also a “blonde.” So, it is not far-fetched to assume that Alwyn has been a regular at the club ever since his break up with the Maroon singer. 

The song's lyrics are: “You forgot to turn it off / And so I watch as you walk into some bar called The Black Dog / And pierce new holes in my heart.” 


Taylor's lyrics further say, “How you don’t miss me in The Black Dog / When someone plays The Starting Line and you jump up / But she’s too young to know this song.” Since the singer lived with her long-time Ex, Alwyn, in London for six years, fans are certain the song is about him.

The Black Dog Club is embracing the Swiftie theme

Bottomley spoke about the relentless attention her club’s been getting lately, “We’re just loving it, it’s been so fun. All of the attention has been pretty overwhelming but we can’t be happier,” she told BBC.

Embracing the popularity among Swifties, the owner has tweaked the food and drink menu to honor the Grammy-winning singer with the album constantly playing in the background. “We’ve had [the album] on non-stop on the pub. We’ve had singalongs from fans. It’s been amazing,” Bottomley continued.

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