The Good Doctor Showrunners Finally Open Up On Series Finale's Major Death

he Good Doctor showrunners break their silence on the series finale’s significant death, shedding light on the decision-making behind it. Read to know what the fans think about the show's creative direction and emotional impact.

Published on May 24, 2024  |  01:52 PM IST |  43.4K
Good Doctor Finale explained
Good Doctor Showrunners Address Major Death in Series Finale (PC: IMDb)

The God Doctor showrunners Canadian Television writer, David Shore and American television producer Liz Friedman have recently shared their insights into a major character death in the series finale, emphasizing its clear impact in Shaun. The finale reveals Dr. Glassman’s demise due to brain cancer despite his long fight with the illness. Also in the closing moments of season 7, Shaun is depicted at a TED Talk, confirming his mentor’s passing. 

In a recent interview with TVLine, Shore and Friedman seemed to discuss why Dr. Glassman’s death in The Good Doctor series finale was crucial for the show’s conclusion. While originally not intended to coincide with the series’ end, the showrunners were more focused on 21explaining how death affected Shaun, giving him a new outlook on life and medicine. 

Shaun’s TED Talk reveals Dr. Glassman's foundation legacy 

The God Doctor popular character Shaun Murphy's future TED talk initially revolves around his new initiative, the Dr. Aaron Glassman Foundation of Neurodiversity in Medicine, which he manages with Claire Browne. Together, they've partnered with 17 hospitals and 32 medical schools. Despite Dr. Glassman's death from brain cancer, his legacy endures with the help of Shaun. As he continues to enhance the medical field in his honor. Shaun's daughter, Maddie, is named after Dr. Glassman's deceased daughter.

Good Doctor Showrunners Address Major Death in Series Finale (PC: YouTube)

Dr. Glassman’s cancer battle from season 1 hinted early on that his death was imminent by the series' end. However, the character’s departure from The Good Doctor in the finale episode added an emotional feeling, as it showed Shaun Murphy’s medical journey. Dr. Glassman’s legacy continues through the foundation he laid. Now, he is aiding multiple hospitals beyond St. Bonaventure, shaping medical progress even after his passing, which shows his life journey and the impact on many lives until now.


The Good Doctor ends its 7-year run with emotional finale 

After running nearly for seven years with 126 episodes, The Good Doctor concluded with its Season 7 finale, Goodbye. In the last episode, Doctor Glassman discloses that he has only a few months left to live due to aggressive cancer, a storyline introduced in Season 2. 

Good Doctor Showrunners Address Major Death in Series Finale (PC: IMDb)

Despite The Good Doctor’s ending, Shaun's dedication to Dr. Glassman's memory through his foundation underscores his commitment to honoring his mentor. While he couldn't medically save Glassman, Shaun's focus shifts to saving others, reflecting his mentor's teachings. This uplifting conclusion of the show gives hopeful futures for the characters as they are too keen to cherish the memory of someone they deeply admire.

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