The Veil Ending Explained: Imogen And Adilah Faces Personal Sacrifices Due To Deadly Betrayals

In FX's The Veil finale, MI6 agent Imogen .Salter and reluctant ISIS operative Adilah El Idrissi face deadly betrayals and personal sacrifices while racing to stop an impending attack

Published on Jun 01, 2024  |  07:16 AM IST |  64.5K
The Veil Ending Explained (IMDb)

FX's The Veil wrapped up its season with an intense finale titled The Cottage. The episode, typical of spy thrillers, had many surprising twists.

It follows MI6 agent Imogen Salter (played by Elisabeth Moss) and reluctant ISIS member Adilah El Idrissi (Yumna Marwan). Their journey ends with Imogen trying to stop ISIS's attack on America.

The Veils Ending Explained: Imogen helps Adilah 

In the penultimate episode, Imogen decides Adilah is a good person and helps her escape. They travel to London, evading police and spies from the French DGSE and the American CIA.

They meet Patrick, chauffeur to Michael Althorp, a key figure tied to Imogen's past. Patrick takes them to Michael’s estate, where Imogen discovers shocking truths about Michael's ties to espionage and ISIS.

Adilah’s tragic end comes when Imogen, desperate for information, confronts Michael. Their confrontation turns violent, and Michael is killed by Imogen's handler, Malik. Meanwhile, Adilah is fatally shot by Patrick, but not before helping Imogen stop the attack by revealing crucial information.

Will there be The Veil season 2?


Imogen also uncovers her father’s betrayal and confronts him, feeling betrayed herself. She resolves to move on and ensures Adilah’s family is safe. The finale hints at a potential second season with Imogen preparing for new missions.


Elisabeth Moss has expressed interest in continuing her role, suggesting more stories could unfold. Moss told the Collider, “First of all, Steven’s writing is just so delicious to do. I have loved working with FX. Fargo and FX were the reason why I did The Handmaid’s Tale,” the actress added, “It’s the reason I thought, ‘Oh, there’s this thing after Mad Men that’s continuing to happen in television and in streaming.’ I have loved working with them.”

Speaking about the devastating events surrounding Adilah, she previously explained to Variety, “It shouldn’t have happened. I think she truly believed she was going to save Adilah and reunite her with her daughter, and it is all she wants in the world. So to lose her and fail in that regard, I don’t think you come back from that.”

However, some fans may prefer the show to end as a complete story. The finale leaves Imogen’s personal journey open-ended, with unresolved questions about her past and future adventures.


You can catch The Veil streaming on Hulu in the U.S.

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