What Nickname Does Ryan Gosling Have For His The Fall Guy Co-star Emily Blunt? Actor Reveals

The former "barbenheimer" rivals are now co-stars who have nicknames for each other! Ryan Gosling has a hilarious one which also pays ode to their film!

Published on Apr 23, 2024  |  10:00 PM IST |  33.8K
Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in Fall Guy (via IMDB)

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt continue to prove their chemistry! 

The actors apparently put their " Barbenheimer” rivalry behind them and share inside jokes now! Having worked together on the up-and-coming action flick Fall Guy, Gosling came up with an unusual nickname for his co-star…


What is Ryan Gosling’s nickname for Emily Blunt?

It’s Emily Stunty Blunty—Gosling revealed while speaking to Today during an interview. But it was the Oppenheimer star who prompted him to spill the beans. “What’s my nickname? What's my nickname?” she asked him. “Uhh, Emily Stunty Blunty,” he replied

This unexpected dynamic duo has stolen people’s hearts with their chemistry, whether it's the Oscars presentation or the SNL skit. 

After competing against each other in their respective movies last summer, Gosling and Blunt have collaborated on the much-anticipated action-romantic film Fall Guy, which is an ode to the stuntmen in the film industry.


Fall Guy is an action-packed ‘love letter’ to stunt community 

When the interviewer asked about their film being a complete package with action, drama, romance and more, Gosling replied, “That was the goal. I think it just felt like we could have all the things.”


“We could get real greedy. And we did,” Blunt added, while Gosling chuckled. But most importantly, the film is a love letter to the stunt community. Fittingly enough, one of the stuntmen, Logan Holladay, broke the Guinness World Record with continuous eight-and-a-half cannon rolls. 

“That scene is a great scene in general because Logan Holladay, who broke that record, is the guy that puts me into the car for a stunt he’s about to do, and then he breaks the record,” The La La Land actor said. “And then he pulls me out of the car and pats me on the back for the stunt he just did.” the Oscar-nominated actor continued. 

Blunt, who was also nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in Oppenheimer, praised the stuntmen. “So proud and so grateful. You work with these stunt performers and they are so selfless, and I don’t know why they’ve lived in the shadows of sort of us declaring just how vital they are,” she said.

The Fall Guy is set to hit the theatres on May 3


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