Who Are Constance Wu's Children? Find Out As Actress Reveals 'One Thing' She Didn't Expect About Having Two Kids

Actress Constance Wu made a very rare comment about having two kids in a social media post. Find out more about the Crazy Rich Asians star’s two children here.

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 Constance Wu Revealed A Detail About Being A Mother Of Two
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Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu has very little social media presence and she talks about her children very rarely. But a few days ago, the actress posted about “one thing” she did not expect would happen after having two children.

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Constance Wu had a revelation after having her second child 

Constance Wu has two kids with her boyfriend Ryan Kattner, and her youngest was born last year in July. But there is something that the actress did not realize would change so drastically with the arrival of a second baby, and the actress opened up about it on one of her Instagram stories. 

"One thing I did not anticipate about having two kids is the amount of laundry and the time it takes! The finding, washing, sorting, folding, putting away....it just...never ends lol,” Wu wrote in her story. It was clear that she did not expect that her laundry load would increase so dramatically after transitioning from one kid to two. 

Who are Constance Wu’s children? 

Constance Wu has two children with her boyfriend, a daughter and a son. Their daughter was born in August of 2020 and is currently three years old. Ryan, who is the frontman of the band Man Man, and Wu also welcomed their baby boy last year in July.

Wu talked about her and Kattner’s baby daughter back in 2021, when she was just a newborn. She said, "I had a beautiful baby girl in August. She's the best, she's the best. She has a full head of hair. She has a blue butt," on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She explained that her daughter was born with congenital melanocytosis, also known as “Mongolian spot”, which is a type of bluish birthmark. 


In October of 2022, she talked to PEOPLE about her daughter again and said that she knows how to command Alexa to play songs and invites everyone to dance with her. Wu also said that she dedicated her book to her daughter during her appearance on the PRETTYSMART podcast in July of last year, saying that it was written before the arrival of her son. "Breaking news. Nobody knew I had a son,” the actress joked to Danielle Robay, the host of the podcast, announcing the arrival of her second baby. 

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