‘Why do this?’ When Andrew Scott Asked Director Steve Zaillian Before Signing Up For Mini Series Ripley

Andrew Scott stars in the new Netflix mini series Ripley. During a candid chat he shares the reason he signed up for the film and how its different from other reiterations!

Published on Apr 15, 2024  |  01:28 AM IST |  71.6K
Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley (via IMDB)

Andrew Scott took some convincing to join Netflix’s mini-series Ripley!

The actor known for his roles in Fleabag and Sherlock stars in the crime thriller Ripley. Since its release on April 4, the series has been trending on Netflix! But doing the remake of the 1999 film The Talented Mr Ripley was not an easy call for Scott


What made Scott sign up for another remake of Ripley?

When the Sherlock actor was approached by the series creator, Oscar winner Steve Zaillian, the first thing Scott asked was, “Why do this?” That’s a genuine question, given that there’s already a film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's classic novel. 

Moreover, Scott was clear about not signing up for a film that doesn’t bring its unique element. “You gotta bring your your own stuff to it or else it's pretty pointless to me,” he said in a Vanity Fair interview.  

Of course, Zaillian explained his vision, which got him on board! This adaptation brings a mature and nuanced version of the protagonist, Top Ripley. “Zaillian was very clear about the kind of vision that he had for this version of the story,” Scott said

“I think what's fascinating and enduring about this character is that he's sort of like water. There's a fluidity to him that we can't quite put our finger on. For that reason, he holds a sort of power over us,” he added. 



What’s the Netflix mini-series about?

The reiteration of the 1999 film The Talented Mr Ripley—in which Matt Damon famously played the con artist Tom Ripley—brings a contemporary touch to it. The story dabs around class and political sensitivity and its impact on Tom’s desire to rise above society. Also, the characters are much older in this version, "He[Zaillian] didn't immediately say that he wanted to do it in black and white, but that sort of emerged. He mentioned aging up the characters—I'm older than the actors who played the character before in previous iterations of this story," the actor said.

“The story is so much about somebody who hasn't been given access to the beautiful things in life, even though he's deeply talented. We say he's a con artist, but he's nevertheless an artist,” Scott said, defending the grey character. 


Scott talks about Tom’s murky sexuality 


The Fleabag actor calls Tom’s sexuality murky during his chat with Vanity Fair. “There is a notion of class and morality, and also about sexuality as well. I think there's a kind of murkiness to Tom's sexuality,” the Spectre actor said. 

“Whether it's envy or lust or love or obsession. Something about the “Dickiness” of Dickie gets him obsessed in some way, and he wants what he has,” he added. Will this series explore Tom’s sexuality more, or is it just Scott's observation? You gotta watch the show to find out!

Ripley is currently streaming on Netflix!


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