Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant Pre-Wedding: Deepika Padukone catches up with Sara Ali Khan, Orry; Ranveer Singh shows dance moves to Tiger Shroff

At the sangeet night of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, Deepika Padukone reconnects with Sara Ali Khan and Orry, while Ranveer Singh impresses Tiger Shroff with his dance skills. Check it out!

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Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant Pre-Wedding: Deepika Padukone catches up with Sara Ali Khan, Orry; Ranveer Singh shows dance moves to Tiger Shroff
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Amidst the extravagant pre-wedding revelries of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant in Jamnagar, where luxury knows no limits, Bollywood's elite and distinguished international guests have gathered, weaving an aura of unparalleled opulence. The opening day dazzled with a spirited cocktail soirée, set ablaze by Rihanna's mesmerizing performance. With the arrival of the second day, excitement surged as celebrities adorned themselves in their finest attire for the sangeet night.

Yet, what truly imbues any celebration with lasting memories are the intimate glimpses shared among guests, as they mingle, laugh, and forge connections. The jubilant moments shared by Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh alongside other guests go viral.

Deepika Padukone catches up with Sara Ali Khan

A trending video circulating across social media showcases a delightful moment between the Bollywood actresses, Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan. Amidst their animated exchange, contagious laughter fills the air, hinting at a shared joke that ignites genuine mirth. Take a look at their camaraderie:

Ranveer Singh snaps Deepika Padukone with Orry

In yet another viral clip that's as hilarious as it is endearing, Orry, known for his signature hand pose, is captured striking a pose with Deepika Padukone, this time with his hand resting affectionately on her baby bump. Ranveer Singh, the ever-doting husband, is seen earnestly attempting to capture the moment, but Orry's perfectionist streak shines through as he guides Ranveer with adorable instructions.



Ranveer Singh grooves to Mast Malang Jhoom

Another clip making rounds features Ranveer Singh's infectious energy on full display as he spots Tiger Shroff. Without missing a beat, Ranveer dives into the hook step from Tiger's upcoming film Bade Miyan Chote Miyan's song Mast Malang Jhoom. Tiger, delighted by the homage, happily approaches Ranveer for a greeting, and the two share a warm embrace. In a burst of excitement, Ranveer even lifts Tiger slightly off the ground.

In summary, the second day of the Jamnagar festivities was truly spectacular. Now, we eagerly await the surprises and delights that day three will bring.

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