Aryan Khan keen on pursuing acting before assisting Karan Johar on films? Find Out

Shah Rukh Khan had revealed earlier that Suhana Khan has been leaning towards acting and Aryan Khan wanted to be behind the camera. Read on to know more.
News,shah rukh khan,Aryan Khan,Suhana Khan Despite learning about the craft of film-making in depth looks like Aryan now wants to face the camera.
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Kids of actors and actresses foraying into Bollywood may seem like the obvious choice. The latest one's on the block to appear on the big screen are Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter Sara Ali Khan and Chunky Panday's daughter Ananya Panday. There have been scores of rumours of Shah Rukh Khan's children stepping into the industry. While Suhana Khan has been leaning towards acting, Aryan Khan had always maintained that being behind the camera was more exciting for him until recently.

SRK had made it clear that Aryan was not interested in stepping into his shoes. But Aryan and Suhana have taken an acting course together and according to a latest report in Mumbai Mirror, there might be a change in Aryan's plans. Despite learning about the craft of film-making in depth looks like Aryan now wants to face the camera and is keen on doing a superhero film. The doting father has also shown Aryan's pictures to a few Hollywood producers. But, well-wishers in the industry have reportedly advised SRK against the genre his son is keen on debuting in.

In an exclusive piece, Pinkvilla had reported earlier that Aryan Khan will be assisting Karan Johar for his upcoming directorial Takht. SRK had earlier said, "He’s (Aryan) writing, directing and learning stuff for four years. It’s one of the highest levels of studies at the University of Southern California to become a film-maker. My daughter wants to act. She also has to attend a four-year course in theatre. I think both of them should study."

Well, we wonder if the Khan household will see a double debut any time soon. 




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Nobody lays a hand on my brother.

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I will take that Pandey kid Ahaan over Aryan. Ahaan at least seems likeable and from his dubsmash/tiktok showed some acting skills.

Look at the way karan aunty poses in that picture. Disgusting!!!

Here we go again!! Another talentless product of nepotism is coming. Brace yourselves people! Father of nepotism karan johar will launch him in his flop movie for sure, there's no doubt about that

I think it's a good idea for him to work behind the scenes. ALL the nepo-kids used to do that. Arjun Kapoor worked on many of his dad's movies back when he was still a chubby little teen. Sonam and Ranbir earned Saawariya from SLB by working for him on Black. It fits the narrative that they try to tell, that they only have connections, not an advantage... the same way say a businessman would help their kid get the interview, not the actual job. After something like the Suhana cover, the mini-SRKs will sure have to prove that A) they are talented and deserve to be here and B) Daddy did not snap his fingers like Thanos and get everything for them.

he only has the same expression all the time and yet thinks of acting? I hate to say it but Sara really seems like the only star kid that will be loved by the people. her parents never put her in the public until she actually finished her studies and look at how intellectual she is now. the rest seem like they only furthered their studies to not get judged for not doing so.

Perks of being SRK's son. You name it and things are done for you.

He studied direction but wants to be a hero. If he wants to be a heroine that would be no problem as well, after all he is SRK' s son. You name it and you get it.

Does not have a grace on his face. Difficult that people will accept him as favoured actor

Huh? Grace on his face? Woh kya hota hain? He's a good-looking kid.

Isn't he just like Mr sharukh Khan a replica ..
But this dynasty of filmi is kinda boring

Looks like Takht is actually shelved. He was supposed to be ADing in that movie. Bebo is doing TV and Ranveer announced another movie! another shahrukh plz...aur pata nahi is aryan khan ke thobde pe hamesha 12 kyo baje rahte hai...aaj tak bande ki smile karte hue pic nahi dekhi..miya..aryan ..acting ke liye hasna bhi
padta hai..pata hai na???

Aryan is handsome

But why oh why.


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