Flashback Friday: How Prakash Became an Invisible Part of the Hema Malini-Dharmendra Love Story

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There can be no denying that in the 1960’s and 70’s Dharmendra had managed to become an integral part of the Hindi film industry thanks to his dashing looks, charismatic personality and of course the lover-boy image. Moreover, this heartthrob was always in the news courtesy his colorful personal life. And, this in part can be attributed to his much talked-about affair and subsequent marriage with the ‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini. The two did indeed make a perfect and lovely couple. However, there is one aspect of this eternal love story which has been overlooked over the years.

And that is its impact on Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur Deol. Prakash married Dharamji in 1954 when she was merely 19 years of age. A few years later Dharmendra moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in films and soon became a popular star. While this marked the beginning of a new phase for the couple, it also laid the seeds for the affair that would shake the foundation of this marriage.

As we all know, a much-married  Dharmendra met Hema Malini on the sets of Sholay  and soon fell in love with her. After a courtship of nearly five years, the actor married her in 1980. Now, it must be; pointed out here that there was a stark contrast between the Hema and Prakash’s lifestyles. While the Seeta Aur Geeta actress  was a successful and glamourous film star , Prakash was a simple housewife. For her, everything revolved around her hubby and kids. As such, even when Dharmendra married the second time, she defended him.

“Why only my husband, any man would have preferred Hema to me .How dare anyone call my husband a womanizer when half the industry is doing the same thing? All heroes are having affairs and getting married a second time,” she said in an interview.

Moreover, she also clarified that she did not really blame Hema for what had happened.  On the contrary, she sympathized with her.

“”I can understand what Hema is going through. Even she has to face the world, her relatives and her friends. But if I were in Hema’s place, I would not have done what she did. For, as a woman, I can understand her feelings. But as a wife and a mother I do not approve of them,” she said.

Interestingly, Prakash also stressed that her respect for Dharmendra had not diminished, whatsoever. She would always love him.

.”He is the first and last man in my life. He is the father of my children. I love and respect him a lot. What has happened has happened. I don’t know whether I should blame him or destiny for it. But one thing is for certain however; far he may be from me and whatever might happen. If I need him I know he’ll be there. I have not lost my trust in him. After all, he is the father of my children,” she added


Moreover, she still considers him to be their protector.

“Why should I protect myself when I have my husband to protect me. I don’t care what the world may say about the type of relationship I share with my husband. Where I am concerned, I know my husband is protecting us .He comes home every day and spends time with the children. I don’t say he comes home for me but he does come home,” she added.

And come to think of it Prakash’s faith in Dharmendra was pretty justified as he made it a point to spend time with his children. He never let his relationship with Hema come in its way. The star made it a point to help the kids and even help in professional life. Perhaps that is why Prakash considers him to be a perfect dad.

“He may not be the best husband, though he is very good to me, but he certainly the best father. His children love him a lot. He never neglects them. He is even launching Ajay’s career. Everyone thought I had struck a deal with my husband that he could marry Hema if he launched my son’s career. But that is not true. How can such a thing be possible? Isn’t Sunny as much his son as mine? “she said in an old interview.

Furthermore, despite the affair, she never really changed her priorities. She remained aware of her limitations with her world revolving around her children. Perhaps that is why they hold her in high regard.

“I may not be very educated nor I am very pretty but, in the eyes of my children I am the best woman on earth. Similarly, my children are to me the best bachche in the world.  I know my children very well since I have brought them up. And I can say with confidence that none of my children will hurt anyone,” she added.

In concluding, it must be said that that Prakash certainly is a woman of substance. And must be credited for not letting the presence of the ‘other woman’ affect her biggest priority—being a homemaker. As such, she will always remain an invisible yet integral part of the Hema-Dharmendra love story.


Sad Sunny is repeating the same.

prakash's inner beauty far exceeds by miles hema's inner and outer beauty combined

Just a funny obervation... women who are homewreckers are still happily married... whereas first time wives... are divorced, dealing with cheating husbands or unhappy.... for example: shilpa, sridevi, hema etc... are all still married. suzzanne roshan divorced, kajol- still married despite her cheating husband..... are men more loyal the second time around or something??

This is such a sad case for a first wife. There is no harm falling in love with someone else. The harm is staying with the first wife and disrespecting her continuously. I always wonder what philanderer men would feel if their wives did the same thing to them? Take on a second husband. Glad times are changing and women are equal opportunity cheaters so men get a taste of their own medicine.

So sanjeev kumar’s death was due to rejection from hema?t is said that a hurt and dejected Sanjeev Kumar took to extreme alcohol addiction which resulted in his declining health and eventual death from a heart-attack

He was born with a congential heart diesease and none of his family members lived beyond 50 years.

obviously she was in love with dharmendra,she once said her father was strongly against her marriage and she tied the knot after his death.also her mother did not approve it,she was deeply hurt.

Hema and Dharam had done a few films before Sholay and Hema had a crush on Dharam since the first time she saw him. I remember reading Hema saying Dharam was the most handsome man she had ever seen and she had a crush on him from the time she first met him. She was about to get married to Jeetendra in Chennai when Dharam landed up in Chennai and stopped the wedding. A family I know of were big fans of Dharam and had gone to meet him about 20 years ago. They were told by the guy who had arranged the meeting not to mention Hema's name in front of Dharams family. She should have married Jeetendra, and prevented all the pain that she caused. Still i would say Dharam is better than Boney Kapoor, he did not abandon his family for the second wife.

Yes. Also Hema and Dharam met some time in 1969-70. Sharafat was most likely their first film together. They must have starred in 10-12 movies by the time they shot for Sholay. They were an established hit pair by then. Seeta au Geeta, Naya Zamana, Raja Jani, Jugnu, Charas, Dost, Pathar aur Payal, Pratigya and couple others

I would any day prefer someone like Dharmendra who continued to legally embrace and provide for both their families than someone like Javed Akhtar or Raj Babbar who left their wives and kids to fend for themselves for the other woman. Google interviews of Nadira Babbar and Honey Irani to get an idea of what they had to go through.

Stop judging them....go focus on so called saints Amitabh and SRK!!

Justifying bigamy. All parties seem to be OK with it. What can anyone say?

Unlike Prakash, Sunny wife left him and moved to UK when she discovered his affair with Dimple Kapadia.

Is Sunny still with Dimple Kapadia? Please state the truth.

She's encourage the men doing such obnoxious thing like extramarital affairs or marriage more than 1without divorce and women should tolerate this because they r weak that s what I understand in her terms... Insane

Some people calling Ms. Prakash Kaur disgusting... You are disgusting calling other people names. Get some life dumbo

What else can she say in them days being a single/divorced parent of 4 kids wasn't the way things were done. Poor lady but I bet Dharminder wouldn't accept the if it was his daughters it happened too that's a hypocrite

We all know how Hema is. A corrupt politician, a home wrecker and a person who caused the death of an innocent toddler. Ms Prakash you are just a superb lady.

Hi Jaya Bachchan! Nice to see you again. I love how you always show up on Hema's topics. Hehe

dharmendra and hema are disgusting. and even prakash is disgusting, how can she accept and defend this?

Somehow, I believe the story up someone commented on that Hema's mother made them get married for her own wealth to prosper. Her entire family lives off of her fame and success. This woman Prakash Kaur has taken in stride what happened to her and with dignity. Not many women would be able to do so. Hats off to her!

Ideal woman, Prakash Kaur. Freedom for love

I though Dharmendra did not want to divorce his first wife but wanted to marry Hema. Is that true? He wanted both his first and second wife.

Some will blame the man, some will blame the other woman, some will blame the first wife and feel pity for her. The truth is, we never know what circumstances people go through in real life. Just by blaming each one of them, are we trying to say God or Nature has given us the perfect life? There are millions or probably billions in this world that go through these same situation. That is life and we have to accept it.

Guys please leave this for what it is? in this case it is too late to make an comment now.


Looking at the comments....we Indian people are so judgemental n hypocrites. So easy to judge other people life story

Another women is always bad... I really feel bad for people who go through it.. And here he went ahead and got married.. Both women will be insecured throughout their life.

correction... an unfaithful man is BAD! especially when he is rich, powerful, famous, charismatic. hema was really young. but this man was much older. hasn't she paid enough for mistakes made out of youth, naivete?

Sanjeev Kumar wanted to marry Hema but she rejected him for Dharm then Sanjeev remained unmarried forever....Jatin Lalit sister Sulakshana Pandit,who was a singer,wanted to marry Sanjeev Kumar but he rejected her then she also remained unmarried for rest of her life....Sad.

Sad but true from what I heard. Sanjeev Kumar was an excellent person and it was truly Hema's loss. However, I wish Sanjeev Kumar got married because it would've been so nice to see his children even after he left this world. This story sounds like a bollywood film.

I like that Prakash kept her dignity even though her husband subjected her to this.
Otherwise a very dignified woman, this is one mistake Hema made in her life. she should have resisted this. She is my neighbor and a really nice lady. Jeetandra and she were in love and about to be married and Sanjeev Kumar wanted to marry her.
But her mother still wanted control of her and her money so she made her marry Dharmendra so she would not have a full husband where her priorities might have changed. Her brother and parents lived off her and the brothers family still does.
And if she had married Jeetendra there might not have been an Ekta Kapoor who spoiled entire Indian television shows forever!!

LOL at the last sentence.

I didnt know sunny slapped hema?! Whatt i just lost all of whatever respect i had for him!

Dharmendra should be whipped. How dare he just fall for someone else when his devoted wife, mother of his children, Kaur, is keeping the home fires burning. Good, she did not divorce him else Hema would have completely taken over everything, now is only in sidelines and must be regretting every single day, wooing and married an already married man with responsibility.

Wot abt Dharmendra ? doesnt he have brains ? It was his decision to leave his Wife and have an affair and get married to Hema malini....is he a Child ??
Men are equally to be blamed......It was Dharam who was persistently after Hema , smitten by her & not the other way round

I get that its the mans fault too. But are women dumb and blind or something? Hema was fully aware of what she was doing, sridevi got knocked up before the marriage she was aware too! Shilpa shetty was aware. Its hard to not notice the women as well as the men in these cases. Look at the latest one, yami and pulkit. I blame both equally!

hema was engaged to have an arranged marriage to jeetendra. dharam interfered and created drama scenes to get hema to break up. hema's dad couldn't come to terms for a long time with her decision i heard. her mom was traumatized too. she seems to have learnt a lesson. got girls married off early to first time husbands. it's tricky for women if you focus a lot on your career, you lose in the marriage front. if you focus on marrying early, you can't build a career and financial safety, that wouldn't be the case with hema's girls because the y have dad and mom's money! btw hema's kids seem to get along with sunny and bobby in the pics! sunny didn't turn out to be different! dimple kapadia is his 'little something on the side' and he slapped hema when she was pregnant apparently!!

prakash kaur ANY woman would prefer a faithful husband to dharmendra. and education or beauty is NOT what determines the value of a wife to a loving husband.

Poor lady . She was married at 19, was uneducated, she had no life beyond raising kids :( Shame on Hema and Dharmendra. It's good his first wife didn't divorce him .. Hema will always be the "other women " for rest of her life. Converting to Islam doesn't make any difference.

my child wont hurt anyone...sunny lives with dimple, bobby is a cheater....inke chakkar mai bechare abhay deol ki bhi lag gayi...aaj tak shaadi ni ki...luve-in, live-in krte ghumta h !

He's not Hindu, he's Sikh. He became Muslim only to marry her because Prakash didn't want to divorce. But whatever the religion, this story show us again that, this is a man's world where they can do whatever they want.
The Woman is always the guilty, look at Sridevi or Angelina, all the media went crazy about them but what about the man, he's the one who cheat and that's all.

Correct; Dharmendra is Sikh. Sikh marriages are governed by the "Hindu Marriage Act" that is legislatively applied to Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains as well. Hema is a practicing Hindu. The difference with Sridevi is that Sridevi-Boney had a temple marriage. As such, the marriage would not be valid during his wife's lifetime. After Boney's wife passed away, they could have gotten married now, but otherwise a temple marriage conducted while the wife is alive is not valid or recognized. Brad divorced Jennifer, so the Brad-Angelina marriage is not really subject to this kind of analysis.

bney kapoor divorced mona.

*Their marriage legally ended only with Mona Kapoor's death in 2012 (not 2014).

Just to clarify, Mona Kapoor never agreed to divorce Boney Kapoor. It's a matter of public record. Their marriage legally ended only with Mona Kapoor's death in 2014.

"any man would have preferred Hema to me"-- UGH this is so sad. Women set such low standards for themselves and then settle for it.

Also, how is he still married to both? He'd have to divorce his first wife to marry Hema, right? Under Hindu marriage act, polygamy is illegal. How did Dharmendra get away with this?

One thing Prakash is right about-- literally every actor in the 60s/70s was stepping out on their wives. Entitled pricks.

He converted to Islam so he could marry Her.

They converted to Islam.

It's well known Dharmendra and Hema converted to Islam to marry, where have you been? Hema's just a deceitful woman period, her daughters were married according to Hindu rites and yet in order to marry their father she forsook her faith. So yeah he is married to both, he has two wives and two households. In this situation they're all losers but Prakash more so, because Hema and Dharmendra chose this in all their debauchery, Prakash Kaur didn't. That being said the arranged marriage routine at such a young age is also to blame, Dharmendra fell in love, it happened after he was married off... perhaps it is all just destiny.

She is very beautiful and eloquent regardless of what she says or how she sees herself.

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