Unilever shares Black Lives Matter post; Gets called out for being RACIST and selling fairness creams

Corporate giant, Unilever gets called out for hypocrisy as the fairness cream seller posted a Black Lives Matter image on Instagram. Find out more
Unilever shares Black Lives Matter post; Gets called out for being RACIST and selling fairness creams Unilever shares Black Lives Matter post; Gets called out for being RACIST and selling fairness creams
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Protests that started in America to find justice for police violence and racism against George Floyd has now turned into a global debate. While George Floyd has faced fatal consequences, people have taken to the streets to change how the world accepts racism and it has turned into one of the biggest civil rights movements in history. While protests have been taking place on the street, a lot of these battles are fought on social media. With #BlackOutTuesdays and #BlackLivesMatter, a lot of people are using their voices to raise awareness about racism and how it is affecting people. 

While there have been positive effects of the same, brands who have used this movement to their own benefits have come under the radar. Just yesterday we saw,
LVMH, Celine and L'oreal Paris being called out for racism and using social media for their own corporate gains. 

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Today, we have another global giant, Unilever who has come under the microscope after sharing a post. The post is seen in their brand’s iconic blue colour with words that read, ‘we have a RESPONSIBILITY for RACIAL JUSTICE.’ The caption stated that the company has pledged more than 1 million USD to organizations and activists working for social justice and racial equality.  The caption further mentioned how the brand will not tolerate racism, work with diverse suppliers & partners, ensure a diverse workforce and lastly, advocate for safe and fair access to voting in the US this November. (Instagram caption)




A post shared by Unilever Global #StaySafe (@unilever) on

However, when we scrolled down further, it was filled with comments and allegations. The brand who is known to be a manufacturer of Fairness creams in Asia was called out for their hypocrisy. The comments read:

Even Diet Dabya, the infamous fashion watchdog, reposted the post on their stories and wrote indicating sarcasm, ‘Responsibility to make fairness creams’. 

This is not the first company to have used their voices and received racism backlash in return. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Anonymous 11 months ago

The whole point here is that you should not want to apply fairness creams in the first place. The world has become racist ever since the birth and told that only fair people are pretty. You should accept the way you are and these companies are cashing on this racist mentality.

Anonymous 11 months ago

But some ppl are there who wants to be fair. It's made for them. No wrong in it if it's anyone's personal choice.