4 Easy ways to start bonding with your in laws

Updated on Nov 22, 2021 05:32 AM IST  |  150.6K
Ways to bond with in laws
4 Easy ways to start bonding with your in laws

No matter how exciting it may sound, the first few days at your new home may be the toughest of your life. Not only it is difficult to settle in at a new place, but also uncomfortable. More so because you don’t know how to behave around your in-laws and what to discuss with them.

So, if you are newly married and are looking for ways to initiate a conversation and bond with your in-laws, here are a few ways that may help.

Praise them for their effort

The safe way to start any conversation is, to begin with, a compliment. If your in-laws are trying their best to make you feel comfortable and at home, praise them for their effort. It can be a simple and sweet Thank You or a rather low-key way of expressing your appreciation by saying ‘You already feel at home’. All this will help kill the awkwardness gradually and you may be able to discuss things in detail.

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Ask for advice

If it’s about choosing a dress for visiting relatives or cooking a particular dish for dinner, always seek advice. This will make your in-laws feel loved, valued, and special. This is always a great way to strengthen your bond. So, the next time before deciding on your own, try and include your in-laws in it and be open for advice and suggestions. By this, we don’t mean that you lose your independence, after all, some decisions are better when made in a group.

Surprise them with things they love

While doing this, you may be needing some help from your spouse to figure out what your in-laws like and whatnot. Once you can find that out, plan sweet surprises for them. Cook their favourite dish, offer them tea at their usual timings, or simply get them something when you return home from an outing. All this will help you know them better, and your bonding will definitely strengthen gradually.

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Accept your mistakes

Lastly, never tell lies or run away from your mistakes. Humans make mistakes and it’s always a good idea to accept them on your own. So, if you lost something that your in-laws had given you to keep safe or had forgotten to do a chore, confront your in-laws about it. Apologize and tell them it won’t happen again. While it may need a lot of courage to do this, you will never regret doing it. Because there are chances, sooner than later, somebody will find it out and you will be left embarrassed. Hence, take the initiative and earn some praise from your family. This will help your bond grow by adding a pinch of trust to it.

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