4 Ways to find out if your partner is serious about you

Updated on Dec 31, 2021 01:45 AM IST  |  233.8K
Ways to find out if your partner is serious
4 Ways to find out if your partner is serious about you

Doubts, skepticism, uncertainty, and insecurity. Once in a while, we all find ourselves in the grip of all these negative feelings. While most of the time it is nothing but a result of overthinking, sometimes, to our horror, it can all turn out to be true.

However, finding out if your partner is serious for you is not that big of a deal. There are always certain green and red flags that determine the status of your relationship.

So, if you, too, wonder whether your partner is serious with you, here are 4 ways that will simplify the identification process.

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They don’t hesitate in sharing their personal life with you

If your partner is comfortable enough in sharing their personal and professional life with you, it means they see a future with you and are, obviously, serious for you. While, on the other hand, if your partner is secretive, there are chances they may be setting up boundaries and are not serious with you at all.

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They ask for your opinion before making a decision

If your man or woman does this, you should blindly trust them. Asking for a partner’s opinion before making a decision is a reflection that your partner wants you to keep in the loop when it comes to their life matters. They value your opinion and know it’s important to ask for your take before making a decision. This also signifies a healthy and long-term relationship.

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They respect your family

Only a man or woman with dignity and love would do this. If your partner has equal care for your family and doesn’t mind checking up on them every once in a while, be rest assured that you are in a serious relationship.

They appreciate your effort

We all go in that zone where we complain and nit-pick. If your partner appreciates you while you are in that zone and do realize that whatever you do for them is worth mentioning and nobody else could replicate that, it’s a symbol you have found your one. Because a person who is not serious for you would take this as an opportunity to pick up fights and tell you that they equally care for you and that what you do is nothing special. So, if your partner is appreciating you for being you, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and thank God for blessing you with someone who is serious for you. Also, don’t forget to take a moment to thank yourself, too. After all, self-love makes for healthy relationships.

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