5 Ways to host a virtual Diwali party

Unprecedented times, call for an unprecedented celebration. This Diwali, go virtual and host the best virtual Diwali party by following these 5 simple tips.
5 Ways to host a virtual Diwali party
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The pandemic has us all try and experiment and embrace the new normal. Whether it’s working from home or sanitising everything. It has been an unusual year, and now, it is going to be an unusual Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights. People socialise, play cards and shop to their heart’s content. However, this Diwali is going to be a little different. 


This Diwali, since you can’t socialise, host a virtual Diwali party and celebrate the festival with your loved ones. Be safe at home and invite all your friends and relatives to your party, even the ones you’ve lost touch with. Follow these 5 ways to host a virtual Diwali party and celebrate the festival with a techy twist.

Send out e-vites

Design a festive digital invitation with diyas and crackers in the background and include all the details of your virtual Diwali party like the time, the virtual platform, etc.

Have a rangoli making competition

Another Diwali tradition is making rangolis. You can time the activity and make rangolis together, and decide who’s rangoli is the prettiest.

Dress up

A Diwali party is incomplete without dressing up in new clothes for the occasion. So get ready and encourage all the attendees to dress up as well.

Play online poker

Playing cards is a tradition on Diwali. Since you can’t meet people and have a card party, use online apps and play cards with your friends and family.

Give prizes

Whether it’s for the best dressed, or for the prettiest home decor, give prizes to encourage everyone to dress up and decorate their homes for the festival.

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