Zodiac signs ranked on the nicest to the meanest people based on Astrology

Are you always nice to others or rude to them? Well, our zodiac signs have its influences on our personality to a great extent. So, here’s the zodiac ranking of the nicest to the meanest people according to astrology.

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Zodiac signs and astrology
Zodiac signs ranked on the nicest to the meanest people based on Astrology

Our personality is highly influenced by our zodiac signs. How much we are nice or rude or can gel up with others, etc. all depends on our zodiac personality traits to a great extent. For example, if you are a nice or mean person, then there would be a parameter based on your zodiac signs to check how rude or nice you are. There are some people who are rude in certain situations and some are always rude and mean. On the other hand, some are nice in certain situations and some always like to be nice to others. Which type do you belong to? So, here is the zodiac ranking of nicest to meanest people.


Libra is the nicest zodiac sign of all. They put a lot of effort to be nice to everyone. They are the balancing people who always maintain peace amongst people. That’s why they make great leaders as they are never rude to their team members and want to maintain equality everywhere.


Pisceans love to be nice to others as they feel like they are doing to good to other people. They are not only nice, but they are also unselfish and are ready to help the needy ones. They don’t like being negative as it makes them confused. So, they stay positive always and be nice to everyone.



Taureans are not only nice to others, but they are also very patient towards everything and everyone. They will open the door for you in a shop, help you to carry your bags, will let you go first.


Aquarians are not only nice, but they are highly friendly people. They want to know people and want to have some good quality conversations with them. They love meeting new people and want to be their friends.


Sagittarians put a lot of effort to be nice to other people. They are free-spirited people who want to do everything on their own. They don’t like to talk about anything bad or negative. They want to make people feel loved.


Gemini can be nice or very rude depending on their mood. They easily get bored of anything. So, there are chances of seeing their rude behaviour when they are low. But when they are having fun, they will be the nicest person.


Cancerians are super nice people but it depends on their mood again. When they are hurt, angry or irritated, they will be quite rude to others. Otherwise, these people are emotional and soft-hearted.


Leos like to be nice to be under the limelight. They are attention seekers, so they will try to their best to have all the focus with their nice and sweet behaviour. But their intentions are harmless.


Virgos are quite mean people. They can even be passive-aggressive as they hate to confront people. Being nice means ignoring all the tension in life and enjoying is what they feel. When they are nice, they will just not notice anything about you.


Aries people believe that it is not good to keep anything in your mind. So, they will tell you anything and everything irrespective of how you will feel about it. That’s why they are considered to have a fiery personality. And Aries people are also not afraid to start a fight.  



Capricorns are rude more often. Their style of expressing emotions can really make people crazy. They so much fiery temper and that’s why they can sometimes be described as rageful.


Scorpions are the meanest zodiac signs. They will let you know with their behaviour if they are not happy with you. They won’t even think twice before ignoring you.

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