Did Taylor Swift Sing THIS Viral Fake Song On Breaking Up With Travis Kelce? Rumors Explored

A fake Taylor Swift song has resurfaced again, which was about her breakup with Travis Kelce. Here's everything you need to know about it:

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Image Courtesy: Getty
Image Courtesy: Getty

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift broke up last year in October. At least, that's what the viral Taylor Swift song says that has resurfaced once again recently. The song has raised a lot of questions, especially towards TayTay and Trav's relationship. The song is reportedly fake and here's everything you need to know about it.

The Backstory of Fake Taylor Swift song about Travis Kelce

In October 2023, a video went viral on TikTok that had an audio of Taylor Swift's single which was dedicated to the breakup with Travis Kelce. The title of the video was "Taylor Swift's first single after breaking up with Travis Kelce." It took no time for Swifties to realize that the song was fake. 

The song was a product of AI tools, which were used to replicate Taylor's voice and create the song. Another reason is that Taylor didn't even record a song about her ongoing relationship with Travis Kelce so a song about breakup makes no sense. While Swifties realized its fakeness, many people found it unauthentic. 

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Who are the creators of the fake Taylor Swift song?

The creation of this fake Taylor Swift song took place in two halves. The first half is the lyrics that were written by a user on TikTok named Will King. The same TikTok user sang the same song with a guitar and it even went viral in no time. 

Three days after King released this song in his voice, another TikTok user named There I Ruined It, released the AI version of it. The song was made of an audio-editing AI software called Melodyne, along with Pro Tools. At the beginning of the song, we could see two tracks named "Taylor Swift (AI)" and "Guitar". 

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That was enough to prove that the song was AI-generated. But despite not being a Taylor Swift creation, it went viral. The TikTok video has more than 498.2K likes, about 10k comments, and way more than 5 Million videos. But while the song talks about their breakup, it never happens. The two never broke up actually, and are going stronger than ever.

Lyrics of the fake Taylor Swift song about Travis Kelce

Here are the lyrics of the viral but fake Taylor Swift song that is about her breakup with Travis Kelce:

"You stole my heart, you "intercepted" it Now you're gone, have to accept it Did I meet your mom too soon? Or did I do what I always do? Yeah, we made it to the 50, and then you kissed me We made it to the 40, a new love story We made it to the 30, and you did me dirty right then You put the end in tight-end And as I "touchdown," just like you in a game I'm in another town, and nothing feels the same Wish I could go back when we met that day, whoa And throw a flag on the play."

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