Joe Burrow Claims Aliens Are Advanced Enough to Hide Their Technology on Travis and Jason Kelce’s New Heights Podcast

Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow shared a hilarious alien theory on the New Heights podcast, claiming extraterrestrials can cloak themselves. His far-out take had fans buzzing; he then talked about leading the team to a Super Bowl.

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Published on May 08, 2024 | 07:01 PM IST | 92K
Joe Burrow Claims Aliens Have Invisible Tech on Travis and Jason Kelce’s Podcast
Joe Burrow , Travis and Jason Kelce (PC: Getty Images)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is known for making headlines with his play on the field, but his recent appearance on Travis Kelcea and Jason Kelce’s The New Heights podcast had fans buzzing about his unique perspective on a different topic: Aliens.

Joe Burrow’s far-out claim that has people talking 

During the live show recorded in Cincinnati, the conversation took a rather interesting turn when the Kelce brothers broached the subject of extraterrestrial life. Joe Burrow didn't hesitate to share his unconventional theory.

"I mean, I feel like if they are advanced enough to come and visit us, then they're advanced enough to cloak their technology from us, and we won't be able to see it," Burrow proclaimed. "So maybe people we know about it; maybe we don't. But I feel like somebody's got to know."

Jason Kelce expressed skepticism, saying he needs more evidence before believing in aliens. “I gotta say. Until I see aliens or UFOs on something that's not like the worst video...I gotta see a little bit more evidence before I get it for you," he said.

Burrow's assertion that aliens possess the ability to render themselves invisible to human eyes caught many by surprise. The 26-year-old quarterback's willingness to embrace such a far-out idea was met with a mix of amusement and intrigue from fans and pundits alike.


Potential proof of extraterrestrial life 

Interestingly, Burrow's comments came just months after a groundbreaking event in September 2023, when Mexican legislators heard testimony regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial existence. In an extraordinary hearing marking the country's first congressional event on aliens and UFOs, politicians were presented with the alleged remains of non-human beings.


Mexican journalist and longtime UFO enthusiast, Jaime Maussan, displayed two artifacts claimed to be the remains of extraterrestrials. The two tiny "bodies," encased for viewing, had three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, fueling ongoing debates about the presence of extraterrestrial life beyond Earth.

Joe Burrow talks about the shortcomings of the last season

While Burrow's alien musings sparked a frenzy of reactions, the former Heisman Trophy winner hasn't lost sight of his primary objective: leading the Bengals to a Super Bowl victory. In the same interview, he acknowledged the team's shortcomings last season and the need to bolster the roster for a deep playoff run.

"We need the guys that we draft to come in and be productive and take on the leadership roles that we've lost the last couple of years," Burrow said. "And we need to bring in the right pieces this offseason too, whether it's the draft or free agency."

He added, "Like I said, the injuries were what they were last year, but we weren't good enough in a lot of different places to make a Super Bowl run, in my opinion."

Joe Burrow's comeback from injury is a top priority 

Before suffering a season-ending wrist injury on November 27, Burrow had amassed 2,309 passing yards, 15 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions through 10 games. His recovery and rehabilitation have been going smoothly, and he is expected to be fully healthy for the start of the 2024 campaign.

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