Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Randi Claims ‘Marriage to Pat Mahomes’ Left Her Broke

Randi Mahomes opened up about financial hardships post-divorce from MLB star Pat Mahomes. Read on to find out more.

Published on May 29, 2024  |  04:01 PM IST |  76K
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  • Randi Mahomes on financial struggles after divorce with Pat Mahomes
  • Randi Mahomes' extends support to Harrison Butker

Randi Mahomes, the mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, recently made headlines with a candid revelation about her financial struggles following her marriage to former MLB star Pat Mahomes. Despite being married to a professional athlete, Randi disclosed that the end of their marriage left her in financial distress. 

This surprising admission comes amidst the backdrop of a controversial speech by Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, sparking widespread debate and drawing attention to Randi's own story.

Randi Mahomes on financial struggles after divorce with Pat Mahomes

In a startling disclosure, Randi Mahomes opened up about her financial hardships despite her high-profile marriage to Pat Mahomes, a former MLB pitcher known for his career with teams like the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox. 

Speaking out on social media, Randi revealed, "And was left with none," in response to a comment implying she had financial security through her marriage.

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Seventeen years ago, Randi and Pat Mahomes Sr. ended their marriage, a union that, despite their shared passion for sports, led to significant financial challenges for Randi. Her journey from being the spouse of a professional athlete to facing monetary difficulties highlights the complexities of fame, fortune, and family life.

Randi Mahomes' extends support to Harrison Butker


The timing of Randi's admission coincides with a contentious commencement speech delivered by Harrison Butker, the Chiefs' kicker, at Benedictine College. Butker's address, which lauded homemaking as one of the "most important" roles for women, ignited a firestorm of reactions. Many perceived his remarks as controversial and outdated, leading to widespread debate.

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Defending his comments at the Regina Caeli Academy's Courage Under Fire gala in Nashville, Butker stood by his views. "It's a decision I've consciously made and one I do not regret at all," he stated firmly, addressing the backlash for the first time.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Butker's speech, Randi Mahomes publicly expressed her support for him. She retweeted a segment of Butker's response with a simple yet powerful, "Amen." This endorsement surprised many, given the divisive nature of Butker's remarks.

Not all fans appreciated Randi's show of support. One user commented, "You literally married a pro walked into money. Stay quiet." This prompted Randi's revealing reply about her financial state post-divorce.


Randi Mahomes' financial struggles underscore the unpredictable nature of life associated with fame and sports. Despite the challenges, Randi has remained resilient, supporting her children and maintaining a positive outlook. Her eldest son, Patrick Mahomes, has risen to stardom in the NFL. 

Her other son, Jackson Mahomes, has faced public scrutiny, particularly after recent accusations of sexual harassment.

In sharing her experiences, Randi Mahomes shed light on the personal and financial challenges she faced, providing a deeper understanding of the realities that often accompany the lives of those connected to professional sports. 

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