Travis Kelce Has Ring Ready for Taylor Swift but She Could Reject His Proposal for THIS Reason, Reveals Source

Travis Kelce is reportedly ready to propose to Taylor Swift with a stunning ring, but there's one major reason she might turn him down. Find out what it could be.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  11:48 AM IST |  119.8K
Taylor Swift Might Say No To Travis Kelce's Proposal (PC:Twitter)
Taylor Swift Might Say No To Travis Kelce's Proposal (PC:Twitter)

Taylor Swift is currently busy with her Eras tour in the United Kingdom. This week, she is set to perform her 100th show in Liverpool. Apart from her tour, fans are also paying attention to what is going on in her personal life. Amidst her hectic schedule, rumors that her boyfriend, NFL star Travis Kelce, might be planning a surprise have been making the rounds on the internet.

Reportedly, Kelce is planning a marriage proposal amidst their steady romance. The speculation about their engagement has been circulating for months. Some reports suggest that Kelce is becoming annoyed by the constant chatter, while Swift herself is reportedly growing tired of waiting for anything to happen.

Travis Kelce's Proposal Plans For Taylor Swift Revealed

However, according to the Mirror UK, Swift might not be as eager to settle down as some might think. Renowned celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman recently conducted a tarot reading for The Mirror. There she revealed, "Travis has a ring and will propose on Taylor's birthday, says the Sun Tarot card, which is a major card, indicating big life changes."

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Honigman touched on Swift's free-spirited nature, saying, "Taylor is a free spirit, and the Prince of Swords card says that she'll need to think about it.” She also said, “She doesn't like the thought of being tied down or having to ask someone's permission to live her life."


Last year, there was speculation that Kelce might propose on Swift’s birthday, but it didn’t happen. An insider had revealed at the time that Kelce had planned something special. They say, "Travis has something special planned. He's arranged a very intimate romantic dinner just for the two of them and is also trying to pull off a semi-surprise party with the help of some of her closest friends." 

The source added to Life & Style, "There are whispers that he could use the opportunity to propose - that's what everyone, including Taylor, is hoping for!" Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is reportedly frustrated with the constant speculation about her relationship status.

Friends frequently ask her about a potential engagement, which has led her to ask them to stop bringing it up. According to an insider speaking to Life & Style, "Her friends bring it up all the time, and she's ordered them to stop mentioning it.” 


The source also revealed, “The constant questions are not helping. She's 100 percent sure that Travis is The One, and she's just hoping the proposal happens soon because she wants to get on with the next stage of their lives."

Taylor Swift is juggling her professional commitments while navigating a high-profile relationship with Travis Kelce. Kelce, being a prominent NFL player, and Swift, a global music superstar, both lead incredibly busy lives. They aren’t preparing for any potential marriage proposals. 

The Unbreakable Bond Between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The dynamic between Swift and Kelce is intriguing, given their respective public personas. Kelce's life as a professional athlete and Swift's as a music icon present unique challenges and opportunities. Their relationship has captured the public's attention, with fans eagerly awaiting any updates on their lives.

As the first anniversary of their relationship approaches this summer, the pressure from the public and their inner circle intensifies. Swift's need for privacy and her desire to live life on her terms might be at odds with the traditional expectations of a high-profile engagement and marriage.


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Taylor Swift nears her 100th show in Liverpool, and the world watches with bated breath. The buzz is not just for her musical performance but for any hints about her future with Travis Kelce. Regardless of what happens, Swift's story continues to inspire several fans through her songs. Let us know in the comments what you think about their potential engagement rumor. 

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