When Patrick Mahomes and His Friends Were Robbed at Gunpoint in Texas

In a harrowing ordeal, NFL sensation Patrick Mahomes and his friends were robbed at gunpoint in Texas just weeks after he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017. Read the full shocking story.

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NFL sensation Patrick Mahomes and his friends were robbed at gunpoint in Texas
Patrick Mahomes (Image Credits: Getty Images)

What began as a fun night out watching a baseball game in Tyler, Texas quickly descended into a terrifying ordeal for Patrick Mahomes and his close friends. 

The young quarterback, who had just weeks earlier been drafted 10th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs, found himself staring down the barrel of a gun during a random armed robbery on that fateful Friday night in May 2017.

The Harrowing Details When Patrick Mahomes Was Robbed

According to the chilling account provided by Sergeant Darrell Coslin of the Smith County Sheriff's office, Mahomes and his friends had just returned from the baseball game and were exiting their vehicle at one of their residences when the unthinkable occurred.

"They had pulled into the driveway and were exiting the vehicle when a suspect pulled in behind them and blocked them in," Coslin stated. "He exited his vehicle and approached them on foot, acting as if he was armed with a handgun."

In that tense moment, the suspect wasted no time making his intentions clear. "The suspect then demanded property from the four victims," Coslin recounted, painting a picture of the terror that must have gripped the young men.

Faced with the very real threat of violence, Mahomes and his friends had no choice but to hand over their belongings to the armed suspect. 


As Coslin pragmatically explained, "and after the robbery was complete, he got in his vehicle and left the location."

While the traumatic event left no physical injuries, the psychological scars of such a brazen act of criminality can run deep, especially for those still in the prime of their youth.

It was the quick thinking of one of the victims that set into motion the eventual apprehension of the suspects. "At that point in time, we received a 911 call reporting the incident," Coslin revealed.

This decision to immediately involve law enforcement proved critical, as Coslin added, "We had a deputy respond to the location. After obtaining the suspect's vehicle information and the suspect's description, deputies were able to locate the suspect's vehicle a short distance away."

The swift action of the Smith County Sheriff's office paid dividends when deputies made a startling discovery inside the suspect's vehicle – "The property from the victims was found in the suspect's vehicle, so it was recovered."


With crucial evidence in hand, the authorities were able to apprehend not one but two suspects involved in the brazen robbery – Michael Pinkerton and Billy Johnson. 

According to Coslin, "At this point in time, we do have a statement given by Mr. Pinkerton confessing to the offense."

Patrick Mahomes Targeted in an Act of Random Violence

Amidst the chaos and confusion of the incident, one thing became clear – Mahomes and his friends were not targeted due to the quarterback's rising star status. 

As Coslin emphatically stated, "We believe this offense was a completely random act, and the suspect had no idea who he was robbing. He wasn't being targeted or anything."

This revelation only added to the senseless nature of the crime, a harsh reminder that no one is truly safe from the scourge of violence.

While the Kansas City Chiefs organization was undoubtedly shaken by the news of the harrowing incident involving their prized draft pick, their primary concern was for the well-being of Mahomes and his friends.


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