What is SNL's Five-Timers Club? Exploring the show's exclusive group as Emma Stone becomes a new member

Discover the humor and camaraderie as Emma Stone earned her fifth SNL hosting gig, joining the prestigious Five-Timers Club. Explore the exclusive world of this iconic show's elite group.

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Key Highlight
  • Emma Stone becomes the newest member of Saturday Night Live's exclusive Five-Timers Club
  • The Five-Timers Club is a cherished tradition within the iconic Saturday Night Live show

Saturday Night Live (SNL), the legendary NBC sketch show, has a prestigious club known as the Five-Timers Club. This elite club honors celebrities who have hosted Saturday Night Live five times or more, giving them a coveted membership and a special Five-Timers jacket, as per Deadline. Emma Stone, the most recent member of this famous group, was welcomed by comedy icons Tina Fey and Candice Bergen during her fifth hosting appearance. 

What is the Five-Timers Club and its tradition?

The Five-Timers Club began on December 8, 1990, with an episode hosted by Tom Hanks. At the time, Hanks suggested the notion of a unique club for people who had hosted SNL five times. The club is shown as an upmarket, hidden society within the SNL world, replete with a swimming pool and meals named after SNL cast members. 

The club has been mentioned and featured in several episodes throughout the years, becoming a treasured part of SNL tradition. Induction into the Five-Timers Club is a testimonial to a performer's ongoing commitment to the show's heritage, not merely their numerous performances. 

Emma Stone's induction 

Tina Fey joked during Stone's speech that Emma Stone, at the age of 35, had become the youngest member of the Five-Timers Club. Stone emphasized her delight at being a member of the SNL family, underlining how important the program had become in her life. She even joked about meeting her husband on the sets of Saturday Night Live. 


The induction ceremony, led by Fey and joined by Bergen, highlighted the friendship between two accomplished women. Bergen's proposal to include a women's section in the Five-Timers Club lent a sense of fun and inclusion to the SNL tradition. Stone's journey to the club, which is packed with laughter and memories, exemplified the particular link that hosts and the SNL staff have, as per Deadline. 

Legendary moments in the Five-Timers Club 

The Five-Timers Club has served as the setting for many famous events in SNL history. The club has been a constant subject in the show's plot, from Tom Hanks proposing the notion to Steve Martin asking Alec Baldwin into the even more restricted Platinum Lounge. Portraits of renowned hosts such as John Goodman and Drew Barrymore decorate the club's Hall of Portraits, highlighting the club's rich history and star-studded membership. 

As depicted, the entertainment at the Five-Timers Club consists of SNL performers engaged in comedic fights. This dramatized feature lends a fun twist to the club's exclusivity, giving fans a peek into the imagined shenanigans behind the scenes. 

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Know more about SNL's Five-Timers Club:

What is SNL's Five-Timers Club?
The Five-Timers Club is an exclusive group on Saturday Night Live, reserved for celebrities who have hosted the show five times or more.

When did this tradition start?
The tradition began in 1990 when Tom Hanks humorously introduced the concept during his fifth hosting stint.

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