Plus-Sized Elf Anime: First Promo Video OUT; Staff Details & More to Know

Plus-Sized Elf Anime has put out the first promotional video for the upcoming series. With this, we also have the latest staff updates from the series. Here is all you need to know about it. READ.

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Image Credit- Elias
Plus-Sized Elf Anime [Image Credit- Elias]

Comedy and adventure are among the much-loved genres in the anime space. And amid this space of series is the Plus-Sized Elf Anime that is set to come out very soon. An all-new trailer was released by the makers this week. Along with this, major cast updates are also in the public domain. Thus, here is all the information about the upcoming show.

Plus-Sized Elf Anime: New Teaser OUT

It was from the official website of the anime that the first promo video was released in the public domain. Here, the 60-second video highlights the adventures, struggles, and general life of an elf who is considered to be plus-sized in life. The new trailer looks unique and one-of-a-kind in terms of approach. You can catch the new trailer right here:

Cast and Staff Updates

A lot of the staff members working on the show have already been revealed. Along with this, fans are also served with the cast details. Here is the complete list of announced names so far:


  1. Ayasa Itō as Elfuda
  2. Takahide Ishii as Tomoatsu Naoe
  3. Rena Hasegawa as Kuroeda
  4. Ayaka Fukuhara as Oga


  1. Director: Toshikatsu Tokoro
  2. Character Designer: Katsuyuki Sato
  3. Series Scripts: Yūki Takabayashi
  4. Color Design: Yukiko Ario
  5. Art Director: Shinobu Takahashi
  6. Director of Photography: Yoshikazu Miyagawa
  7. Editor: Keisuke Yanagi
  8. Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi
  9. Music Composer: Cher Watanabe


What is the Anime About?

As per the manga, the story of Plus-Sized Elf Anime revolves around Naoe-Kun. This character is introduced to us as a massage therapist. On one fine day, the woman happens to be heading home, only to meet a lovely lady, with strangely attractive emerald eyes. 

One look at the lady was enough to tell her that this was an elf. However, her attractive face was always overshadowed by her bulky body. And this is where the principal conflict of the story is introduced to us. Naoe-kun decides to help her elf friend through the ups and downs of her life. The anime is set to come out in July 2024. All relevant updates will be added to this section as they come. Thus, keep an eye on Pinkvilla.  

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