Guess Who: Female producer falls hard for this actor; might end up casting him in two of her films

Can you guess who the producer and actor in question are?
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This female producer, who apparently was considered to be a "good friend" of her business partner has now found a new man. The man in question is an actor who is known more as an art house cinema performer. He recently starred in a super hit sequel and has dated a former Miss Universe. On the other hand, the producer has not had any luck on her side as she got into a ton of problems recently.
If sources are to be believed, the producer is already planning to cast him in not just one but two of her films. While the producer was supposed to be loyal to her partner, she has now fallen for this actor.  He is known to be a charmer and this is not the first time a producer or director has fallen for him. Since he is a free-willed guy, the actor does not mind having an open relationship with them. This producer is one such deal for him. 
Can you guess who the producer and actor in question are?


From miss universe to prerna

Randeep Hooda and Chitrangada Sen

she is cute. They should marry!!

Randeep and Prerna Arora

Randeep Hooda and Chitrangada sen

randeep hooda, baaghi 2, sushmita sen. . . wonder who the producer is?

amisha patel

Prerna Kriraj

Randeep hooda, known more an an arthouse actir,dated former miss universe Sushmita sen once upon a time and starred in Baaghi 2 this year. Producer is probably Prerna Arora since she has been into a lot of trouble lately over Parmanu and Kedarnath.


Actor: Randeep Hooda
“Super-hit sequel”: Baaghi 2
Former Miss Universe: Sushmita sen

Not sure who the female producer is but good for Randeep Hooda. He’s a good actor.

Actor is Randeep Hooda. I don't know the Producer is.

Randeep Hooda and Prerna Arora

Who is it?

Randeep Hooda and Prerna from KriArj??
Is Baaghi 2 the successful sequel being referred to here?

Kaun hai Bhai?

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