Atlas Star Lana Parrilla Reveals How She Lived in Cars in Her Early Years; Says 'It Was A Really Hard Time'

Actress Lana Parrilla known for her TV roles in Once Upon a Time, Miami Medical, and The Lincoln Lawyer recently revealed that she was "homeless" during the initial phase of her career.

Published on May 29, 2024  |  02:44 PM IST |  29.8K
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Lana Parrilla (PC: Lana Parrilla Instagram)

Actress Lana Parrilla whom we know for her TV roles in Once Upon a Time, Miami Medical, and The Lincoln Lawyer recently starred in Atlas alongside Jennifer Lopez where her role gained much appreciation. She has gradually climbing to become a successful actor in the industry, especially TV industry. And it all was a hard-earned success as she recently opened up about her early life.

Lana Parrilla lived in her car

She may be a recognized name in TV industry, though not as popular as Lopez. But she has spent a tough time in her early life and she can't forget that phase. She was "homeless" during the initial phase of her career as she has recently revealed. 

In a recent episode of the I've Never Said This Before podcast with host Tommy DiDario, Parrilla recounted, how she was living on her own, and said that “it was a really hard time.” Her family and she were in different places, and she was kind of left on her own.

Parrilla discussed that such a challenging phase occurred while she was in school and trying her best to enter into the entertainment industry. "It was really hard to support yourself and, you know, chase after a dream, and also try to get an education all at the same time. I couldn't do it all," she said. Unfortunately, she had to drop out of college to focus on making more money. 


The lack of a steady income and the high cost of living resulted in Parrilla experiencing homelessness. "And so I was living out of my car for a couple months," she shared. 

She got terrified, fought against the situation

When she had to live in a car and on the floor at friends' places in their little apartments, that clearly impacted her time and that's where she was terrified with whatever was happening with her life. 

"And it terrifies me still to this day," Parrilla admitted. "That, like, that could ever be a reality for us as artists."

Tough time comes, but one has to learn a lesson from that phase and move on to work hard to undo that past. And that's what she did. She tried to motivate herself despite all those fears. Seeing other people experiencing homelessness deeply affects her. It also motivates her. "There's always like a little part of me, in the back of my head, that's like, 'Oh my god, don't ever stop working so hard,'" she stated. 


And, that is the fear that keeps her pushing to work more and work hard and to find new ways to make money. This fear pushes her to be more creative and do her own thing, developing new projects. 

Parrilla recognizes the thin line between her struggles as a young artist and the potential threat of homelessness later in life.  "At 19 years old, it's different," she said, "but, at 46, it's a lot scarier."

What she learned in the early part of her life, surely gives her the motivation to stay grounded and keep striving for more and not to take the present state of success for granted. 

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