Beloved Kid's Show Bluey Makes History By Introducing Queer Characters In The Sign Season Finale; DETAILS

If you are a parent and are into Bluey, you might just have felt proud as the show recently introduced LGBTQ+ characters. Read on for details.

Published on Apr 16, 2024  |  07:21 PM IST |  88.4K
Bluey introduces LGBTQ+ characters
Bluey (IMDb)

This creates a remarkable moment, as Disney+’s animated series, Bluey, did something that is either not typical to see in children's cartoons or is not accepted in the world around us. 

For those who are unfamiliar with what happened in the recent episode of the above-stated cartoon, which depicts the life of a cute dog as well as his friends and family, here are a few details.

Bluey introduces LGBTQ+ characters

Bluey has joined the list of the most loved preschool cartoon series that have also introduced LGBTQ+ characters, showing support for the strong community. While discussing the season three finale of a widely popular cartoon series about a six-year-old puppy, the show did something that impressed most of its viewers. 

The episode that aired on April 15, called The Sign, was an extra long one in its latest season, but that wasn't the most peculiar thing about it, as it even featured queer characters. 

The synopsis of Bluey’s special episode reads, “Bluey, Bingo, Mum, Dad and all their family and friends are getting ready for the ‘wedding event of the year,’ in an exciting special bursting with adventure, romance and – emergency toilet stops.”


Around this emotional episode, the makers subtly introduced some LGBTQ+ references. Bluey’s chihuahua friend Pretzel was heard talking about his pet guinea pig running away while also mentioning that he has two moms. 


In this casual and unique dialogue, Pretzel, the chihuahua, was heard saying, “My mums told me he might come back, but he didn’t.”

Well, it was a sudden and short reference, but it might have given hope to the LGBTQ couples who are bravely and proudly raising their kids in this awkward world.

Reactions of people following Bluey’s long episode

Following the recently aired episode of Bluey, many viewers pridefully shared their views and poured a number of comments. People across social media were seen posting comments such as, “As a gay chihuahua mum that makes me happy.”

A similar comment on TikTok read, “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

A user on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote, “GAY DOGS IN BLUEY!!!  IM SO GLAD FOR THIS. As a person who lived with his mom and her gf at one point in time, I think this is great.”

However, while many people were seen celebrating this move, Daily Wire’s Megan Basham took it to X and shared her harsh criticism of the episode. Basham wrote, “By the way--this is what happens to ANYTHING Disney touches. You knew the moment they got involved with Bluey, its purity wasn't long for this world.” 

You can stream Bluey’s The Sign episode on Disney+.

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When did the recent episode of Bluey air?
The latest episode of Bluey, The Sign, aired on April 15, 2024.

Who is the maker of Bluey?
Australian animator Joe Brumm is the maker of Bluey.

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