Deadpool & Wolverine: All Easter Eggs You Missed In The Latest Trailer

In the video, Reynolds humorously describes the new movie, making it clear that fans should not expect a complex plot. He quips that the film is paper thin, poking fun at sequels.

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Deadpool & Wolverine: Trailer Easter Eggs Unveiled
Deadpool & Wolverine (PC: IMDb)

There’s so much to get excited about in the new trailer for Deadpool 3. It not only teases some exciting new scenes from the highly anticipated movie, but it also includes a hidden Easter egg that many fans might have overlooked. Viewers can scan the QR code found in the trailer. This QR code can be scanned to view a video where Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool so expertly, reads an interesting and humorous disclaimer.

New Deadpool 3 Trailer Released with Hidden Easter Egg

In the video, Reynolds humorously describes the new movie, making it clear that fans should not expect a complex plot. He quips that the film is paper thin, poking fun at how some sequels can sometimes lack depth. He doesn't stop there; Reynolds also mocks the familiar formula that many Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies follow. This tongue-in-cheek approach is very much in line with Deadpool's irreverent and self-aware style.

Reynolds continues by outlining what viewers can look forward to in Deadpool 3. He mentions plenty of action, numerous jokes aimed at Disney, some raunchy humor, and lots of self-deprecating jokes about himself and his co-star Hugh Jackman, who is returning as Wolverine. One key point Reynolds highlights is that the movie won't feature the usual Marvel post-credits scene. While these scenes often hint at future films in the series, Deadpool 3 plans to break from tradition with a more humorous marketing campaign.

The disclaimer video is full of satire, humorously mocking and critiquing various aspects of superhero movies. Reynolds jokes about how people treat these films as massive cultural phenomena. He even mentions famous director Martin Scorsese, who has publicly criticized Marvel movies, saying they lack the nuance and artistic value of classic cinema.


Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool 3 Release Dates Announced: Fans Eagerly Await July Premiere

The makers of Deadpool 3 are obviously aware of the high expectations surrounding the movie based on the latest trailer. The film is anticipated to be very entertaining, with multiple references and cameos from other Marvel characters, such as Loki.

Deadpool 3, also known as Deadpool & Wolverine, is set to hit theaters on July 25 in the UK and July 26 in the US. Fans are buzzing with excitement, eagerly waiting to see if the film will live up to the hype. They're hoping for the same mix of humor, action, and irreverence that made the earlier movies so popular.

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