Did Kevin Feige Want To Make X-Men '97 A Part Of MCU? Here's What We Know

Explore the potential crossover between X-Men '97 and the MCU, as key figures hint at Kevin Feige's plans to incorporate the iconic mutant team into the MCU.

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Here's What We Know about Kevin Feige Want To Make X-Men '97 A Part Of MCU
X-Men '97 (IMDb)

Marvel fans have long speculated about the integration of the X-Men storyline into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), especially since Disney acquired Fox's film and TV assets in 2019. With the upcoming animated series, X-Men '97, launching on Disney+, questions arise about its connection to the larger MCU. The released comments from key figures shed light on Kevin Feige's intentions and the potential crossover between the X-Men universe and the MCU.

X-Men’97 makers addressed the plans of being a part of MCU 

Emi Yonemura, who directed episodes of X-Men '97, revealed that Marvel seriously contemplated making the series canon within the MCU. Despite this consideration, the creative team opted to maintain the series as its own entity, respecting the legacy of the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series. 

“That has always been something we know was on Kevin Feige’s mind, do we make this part of the MCU? Do we not make this part of the MCU? It’s actually gone back and forth quite a few times, and I think we did land in a smart place because [X-Men: The Animated Series] was its own thing, and I think that to continue it we needed to be our own thing,” Yonemura stated in her conversation with Inverse.

X-Men '97 (IMDb)

X-Men '97 arrives during a significant period in MCU history, as the X-Men universe begins to intersect with the established MCU narrative. While the series expands the X-Men universe, it remains distinct from the MCU, offering fans a unique interpretation of the iconic superhero team. The creative team, led by head director Jake Castorena, embraces the opportunity to explore the X-Men's story arc independently while acknowledging the potential for future crossovers.


Castorena highlights the excitement surrounding the resurgence of the X-Men in film and the opportunity to reintroduce the team in a new format. Castorena stated, “We’re getting the X-Men in this format and we’re doing it justice not just by ourselves, but also other fans as well, and we’re starting to get a resurgence of the X-Men in film again. I love that. And I think it’s great that we can have different things, let them be different.”

Recent MCU projects, such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, have hinted at the integration of the X-Men into the MCU. Although Captain America's shield makes a cameo appearance in X-Men '97, signaling potential crossover elements, the worlds of the X-Men and the MCU remain distinct. Castorena underscores the need to respect the integrity of each narrative, allowing fans to engage with diverse storytelling experiences.

“If you try to connect things like that, it may or may not, I dare not say hinder storytelling, but let them do their stories. Let us do our stories and let the rest of the world eat it up, man,” Castorena stated. 


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Kevin Feige (PC: Getty Images)

Kevin Feige on his plan to make X-Men a part of the MCU

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, shared in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, that he feels X-Men has a great storyline, hinting that a live-action is surely possible. He shared, “The X-Men are as solid and as rich and as great a concept in characters as exist. There's the return of the animated series next year, which we're very excited about. I saw some new final episodes today, which really bring you back to the core of who the X-Men are and that soap opera that those characters represent. And then in live-action, people will see. Perhaps soon.”

As Marvel Studios navigates the intricate tapestry of its cinematic universe, the question of integrating the X-Men storyline into the MCU remains a topic of speculation and anticipation. While X-Men '97 offers a nostalgic return to the beloved animated series, its separation from the MCU allows for creative exploration and storytelling freedom. Kevin Feige's hints at live-action X-Men projects suggest that the iconic mutant team may soon join the ranks of the MCU, ushering in a new era of superhero storytelling.


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Is X-Men '97 still releasing?
Yes, X-Men '97 premiered on March 20, 2024, and new episodes are airing weekly until May 15.

Is X-Men '97 part of the MCU?
No, X-Men '97 is a separate entity from the MCU.

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