Did Tina Turner Know She Was Gonna Be a Star One Day? Here's What The Singer Said

Did the late star think that she would reach this magnanimous stardom in her lifetime? Here is what she revealed to PEOPLE magazine in a 1981 interview.

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The late Queen of Rock ‘n Roll, Tina Turner, didn't achieve her legendary status overnight. With a career spanning several decades, Turner's enduring presence in the music industry was a testament to her resilient spirit. This resilience shone particularly after she parted ways with her ex-husband and former musical partner, Ike Turner, and embarked on a solo career. But did she ever anticipate reaching such monumental stardom? Here's what she shared in a 1981 interview with PEOPLE magazine.

A psychic predicted Tina Turner's successful career post-separation with Ike Turner

Tina Turner's separation from her husband and musical partner, Ike Turner, along with her interest in Buddhism, played a significant role in her finding peace. She turned to studying, meditating, and chanting mantras, a practice that irritated her husband. In an interview, she revealed, "When Ike saw me chanting, the veins in his face popped out. He didn’t want to hear about anything that would give me power."

While Tina has some close friends, a psychic named Carol Dryer guided her throughout the spiritual journey. In fact, it was Dryer who had predicted Tina’s solo success. “You will be among the biggest of stars. A partner of yours will fall, like a leaf from a tree in autumn. You will survive and go on," the reader said, as per Tina. 

Partnership with Ike Turner and Ultimate Divorce


Separating from Ike Turner was a defining moment for the musician. Tina talked at length about the abuse that she had faced while in a relationship with Ike and recalled the final moments before she chose to leave the partnership.

It was in 1976 when the two were headed for the Dallas airport. Tina reported that Ike was irritable that day, and then beat her on the way. As they reached the hotel, she sort of knew that their relationship was done. “I never cried, though. I laughed. I laughed because I knew I was leaving. No more of this,” she told PEOPLE. 

All she had was 36 cents in her pocket and a Mobil Credit Card. A friend of hers brought her ticket back to L.A., and that marked the end of years of partnership.  

“I felt strong. I felt like Martin Luther King,” Tina told the magazine. 

The final divorce settlement, which happened in 1978, gave Ike everything “property, masters, royalty rights,” as Tina said in the interview. 


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