Gerard Butler sues producers of Olympus Has Fallen over profits dispute

Updated on Aug 01, 2021 10:48 AM IST  |  115.7K
Gerard Butler and his legal team claims he is owed more than USD 10 million in profits

Gerard Butler filed a complaint on Friday, claiming that he is due at least USD 10 million in back pay for his role in the 2013 action picture Olympus Has Fallen. The Scottish actor filed a lawsuit against Nu Image/Millennium Films, alleging that the company underestimated domestic and international revenues by tens of millions of dollars and failed to disclose USD 8 million and paid its own executives.

As per Variety, Butler says in his complaint, filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, that producers never planned to give him his portion of gross and profit. He further claims that the business grossly underestimated domestic and foreign ticket sales, and that an undisclosed USD 8 million were paid to the executives of the companies. The lawsuit reads, "Producers embarked on a scheme designed to grossly misrepresent the finances of the film to Butler, so that Butler would believe that no such payments were due. Butler worked with (producers) to create a highly successful movie franchise. He demands his fair share."

Interestingly, the complaint comes a day after Scarlett Johansson filed a blockbuster compensation lawsuit against Disney, alleging that the simultaneous launch of 'Black Widow' on Disney Plus harmed her box office participation.

However, Butler's case is a classic "Hollywood accounting" case. Butler in the movie, 'Olympus Has Fallen' played Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent tasked with saving the President from kidnappers. The film was a global hit, grossing USD 170 million, and inspired two lucrative sequels, London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen, in which Butler reprised his role.

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