Halle Berry Drops Hilarious Video Trying To Get Out Of Anna Quan Outfit: 'Hurting Me For Real'

Halle Berry shares a video as she hilariously struggles to get out of an incredibly tight black and white top.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  11:15 AM IST |  39.3K
Instagram / Halle Berry
Instagram / Halle Berry

Halle Berry takes us through a hilarious ride behind the scenes of the glitz and glam that fashionistas experience, as she struggles really badly to remove her designer top. 

With help from her stylist, Lindsay Flores, she tries her best for multiple minutes to fight through it in order to escape the chic and tight, black and white Anna Quan outfit.

Halle Berry hilariously takes her shackling corset top off in a video

In the Instagram clip that Halle Berry shared, she speaks of the wardrobe troubles exclaiming, "It’s hurting me for real."

The Catwoman star posted a video on June 8 stunning in a sleek Anna Quan ensemble at a public event, that seemed to be fairly snug. However, on June 10 the Academy Award winner showed that she had some difficulty getting off the corseted top and this resulted in a hilarious comedy of wardrobe errors.

The 57-year-old actress recorded the entire incident on her Instagram account with her stylist Lindsay Flores struggling to remove it for minutes until when it was eventually pulled off without any accidental slips or injuries, however, it was indeed peak accidental comedy.

Berry captioned the clip saying, “Bad and Booshy back at it slaving for fashion!”

Halle Berry made fellow actresses feel seen by sharing fashion's toil and trouble


As Flores helped Berry get rid of her constrictive sleeves with great effort, "Let’s get this baby off," was Berry's war-cry, moving her arms and making twisted body movements. 

In the course of the whole episode, Berry was frustrated when she laughingly cried, "Watch my boobs!" while defending her hair that ran the risk of getting detached from her head with every tug at the top.

In the climax, she asked the designer's name and respectfully joked, "Anna Quan, we might have to cut this s–t off" as she went around 360 degrees to take the top off. Finally, Flores "greased up" Berry’s elbow by licking it to help her get out of that shirt. 

Celebrities also found comfort in viewing this video. Viola Davis commented: “Man this video makes me feel GOOD!!!!!! I feel seen.” Natasha Bedingfield added: “Houdini straight jacket vibes. I’ve been there before.”


Halle Berry has always been known for daring fashion statements. With this clip, she managed to deliver a relatable piece of fashion content that often goes unnoticed, while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

At the end of the video, she looked at the camera person and sighed, "And y'all just sat there." It was truly a rollercoaster slaving for fashion indeed.

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