House Of The Dragon Season 2: Matt Smith Voices Struggles With Sequel Naming It 'Second-Album Syndrome'

House of the Dragon gears up for its Season 2 premiere next month, but Matt Smith hints that significant changes await which may or may not sit well with fans of the show.

Published on Jun 01, 2024  |  03:45 PM IST |  61K
Matt Smith (YouTube/Max)
Matt Smith (YouTube/Max)

The Targaryens are to return and the most notable of the lot, Prince Daemon star Matt Smith has some reservations. House of the Dragon gears up for its Season 2 premiere next month, but the actor hints that significant changes await which may or may not sit well with fans of the show. 

Following the original season’s show-stopping run, Smith was concerned if the sequel would be able to match the expectations this time. It also adds up to the major setback behind the scenes where the co-showrunner quit House of the Dragon sets amid Season 2 development.

Matt Smith doesn’t hold back on Season 2

Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, the 41-year-old actor sat down for a candid chat about all things House of the Dragon. While fans wait with bated breaths for the Targaryen civil war, entitled Dance of the Dragons, to unfold in the upcoming season, Matt Smith teased what is to be expected from his character. But his primary concern remains in maintaining the status quo of Season 1. 

With co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik leaving, who also directed a handful of episodes for HBO’s Game of Thrones, the former Doctor Who star wasn’t all optimistic about the sequel. Speaking of Sapochnik’s caliber, Smith marked his exit as a “shame” because the English director had a great impact on the “tone of the show” and also made clear what the actors were expected to deliver. 


“It’s kind of second-album syndrome, isn’t it? You’ve got to play the hits a bit,” The Crown star told Variety on Wednesday, May 29. Sapochnik, 49, quit in January 2023 after a dispute following the show’s decision to not list his wife Alexis Raben as a producer in it, per Variety. 

More so, Sapochnik was a proper link to the Game of Thrones franchise, given he had directed three episodes of HBO’s most-watched show. This aspect is crucial because House of the Dragon is essentially a prequel to GOT, as Matt Smith highlights, it is important for fans to feel like it. Currently, Ryan Condal is the sole showrunner of House of the Dragon Season 2. 

What will be made of Prince Daemon in Season 2?

Matt Smith reveals the character arc of fan-favorite Prince Daemon, who was last seen eyeing the Iron Throne after King Viserys I is dead. However, internal conflicts within the House of Targaryen encouraged him to team up with the King’s daughter and his primary love interest, Emma D’Arcy’s Rhaenyra Targaryen, his niece, and prepare for an impending civil war. 


The Morbius actor teased that fans will meet Prince Daemon at a “point of crisis” this time. “It’s a different version of him. It’s one that’s much weaker," he said. Season 2 is set days after the events of the original season, as showrunner Condal puts it, “All the wounds are fresh.”

As the civil war in Westeros looms, Daemon builds an army far away from his wife Rhaenyra, in the land’s biggest castle Harrenhal. But their chemistry meets a new twist, with the rightful queen suspecting that Prince Daemon is plotting his own place in King’s Landing.  

House of the Dragon Season will premiere on June 16 at HBO and MAX. 

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