'I Dodged The Bullet': Home Alone Star Daniel Stern Reveals How He Almost Lost Marv's Role In Classic Movie

Daniel Stern, who famously starred in 1990’s Home Alone recalls an incident in his memoir where he almost lost his role. Read to know more details.

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Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci (CC:IMDb)
Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci (CC:IMDb)

Actor Daniel Stern, 66, who shone on screen due to his portrayal as Marv in Macaulay Culkin starred Home Alone, released in 1990, recalled an incident in his memoir titled Home And Alone. The memoir was out on Tuesday as per Page Six.

In the memoir, he wrote about an incident where he almost lost his role as Marv in the iconic film as he asked for more money. Read ahead to know more about the incident.

Daniel Stern reflects on almost losing his role in Home Alone

The 66-year-old actor wrote, that for six weeks of filming for his role, he was set to be paid $300,000 on Home Alone, according to the outlet. He continued that he got a call, in which he was told that his shooting schedule was redone and instead of six weeks, he was needed for eight weeks.

The actor wrote, “They were asking me to add on 33% more shooting time, so I asked if they were going to raise my salary the same amount, and they said they would not.”

The veteran actor revealed that the film’s producers started with the rehearsals with Joe Pesci in Chicago as they had hired a different actor to work on Marv’s role. But this eventually did not work out.

A couple of days later, the actor received a call about the filmmakers wanting him back and would be down to work according to the original contract of six weeks. 


Daniel Stern told The Post, ”It switches at some point where you go, ‘OK, I’m committed to the project.’” He continued, “If it takes 14 weeks, I’m going to miss the kid’s graduation because I committed to this. And so that was the lesson.” 

Stern expressed, “Luckily I dodged the bullet of my stupidity and ended up in the movie.”

Daniel Stern reveals his salary negotiations for Home Alone 2

As per the outlet, the book mentions that the lead star of the film, Culkin was getting paid $5 million and 5% of the gross box office for the film's sequel. Stern told The Post “So, I said, ‘Well, you know, this is going to be awesome.’”

The Bushwacked star revealed in the book that it took the film’s producers six weeks to come up with double his original salary, $600,000. The 66-year-old asked if it was the same as his co-star Joe Pesci's earnings for the sequel. He was told that it was not.


Stern wrote that his salary was eventually increased to $800,000 but he discovered that his co-star, Pesci was getting somewhere between $2,000,000- $3,000,000 plus a gross percentage of the film’s profits. 

Stern took the matter into his own hands and fired his agent as the agent advised him to accept the offer. He asked to be paid $1.5 million and 2% of his gross profits. Later on, Joe Roth, Fox’s former head, personally asked Stern to start filming without a contract.

Eventually, the Marv of Home Alone got the salary he had asked for along with 1% gross profits.

He wrote, “I knew they couldn’t do the movie without me, but I was also insecure, since I almost blew it the first time,” adding, “I didn’t want to be too greedy when I loved the movie and the part so much.”

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