Iain Armitage Gets Candid About His Time On Young Sheldon And Life After Its End; 'Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Way'

The Big Bang Theory’s spin-off is coming to an end. Actor Iain Armitage revealed his future projects and his expectations from life after Young Sheldon.

Published on Feb 16, 2024  |  11:27 PM IST |  96K
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After running successfully for over seven years, Young Sheldon will be going off-air. Actor Iain Armitage had a candid conversation with People Magazine, where he revealed that he literally grew old on the sets of the CBS show. Armitage auditioned to play Sheldon when he was 8, and now, at 15, he will be looking at new projects to work on. The first episode of season 7 premiered on Thursday (February 15). 

Reflecting upon his journey as the younger version of Jim Parsons' character from The Big Bang Theory, Armitage revealed, "It's been half my life, which is kind of wild to think about, but just so fun, so wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to grow up." He further added, "Every single person I get to work with, I feel so honored to get to be working with and get to be their co-star or... get to be part of their work and part of their livelihood."

What Would Iain Armitage Want To Keep From The Show?

After any hit show wraps up, the actors tend to keep a thing or two from their projects to cherish the memories. Similarly, Iain was asked if he wished to take something with him from the series; what would it be? To this, the actor replied, "I would like to keep the brains. I would like to keep the once-in-a-generation genius part, but in lieu of that, I think the way he approaches the world is funny and unique, and I always hope to approach the world and people as uniquely and really focused on each person as I can." 



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Iain Armitage's Future Projects

Disclosing about his upcoming project, Armitage revealed that he has a couple of things on his plate. Iain will next feature as a voice artist for the character of Shaggy in Scoob!: Holiday Haunt. Apart from this, the 15-year-old actor wishes to explore different roles. He said, "It's funny because I've had so much fun getting to do this character for seven awesome years that it would be cool to do something... just completely different from Sheldon in every way. I would love to do something indie, maybe something action, maybe something sci-fi, or just something super different and weird. Like a drama, again, kind of like Big Little Lies."

What Can Be Expected From Young Sheldon Season 7? 

When Sheldon gets accepted into CalTech in Pasadena, fans of Young Sheldon can anticipate an interesting plot with lots of twists and turns. It is possible that he will meet Leonard at his university, who will grow up to be both his roommate and best friend. Aside from this, rumors indicate that the Big Bang Theory character Sheldon's father's passing will be featured in one of the upcoming episodes.

With the series coming to an end, Iain Armitage took to Instagram to share his thoughts. He wrote, "We will make the best 7th season we can possibly make, and behind the scenes, there will be lots of laughter and lots of tears because I love all of these people so much." New episodes of Young Sheldon will air every Thursday on CBS. 


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What do people ask about Iain Armitage?

How old was Iain Armitage in Season 1 of Young Sheldon?
Iain Armitage was eight years old when he started shooting for Young Sheldon.

Who plays older Sheldon?
Jim Parsons plays older Sheldon.

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