5 Family sitcoms to watch if you like Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon has become one of the most popular TV show spin-offs, but it isn't the first like it, and there are similar shows fans would love.

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Shows like Young Sheldon
Shows like Young Sheldon

Precocious children have been featured in a lot of television programs. The children frequently provide good laughs in the majority of sitcoms. It goes beyond precocious to eccentric, conceited, and awkward in Young Sheldon, which portrays the younger self of The Big Bang Theory fan-favorite Sheldon Cooper.

The show is distinctive in certain aspects while simultaneously being well-known in others. For fans, there are many additional shows, both old and new, that are worth viewing because of the interesting and eccentric cast of characters, the adult narration, the humorous situations, and more.

Here are some shows that provide a nice balance of drama and comedy and are comparable to Young Sheldon:

1. The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, which acts as a sort of prologue to that program, is the most apparent show for fans of Young Sheldon to watch. The early years of Sheldon Cooper and the family he frequently discussed on the show are revealed to fans. Included here are various members of his family who have appeared on The Big Bang Theory, such as his mother Mary, sister Missy, and occasionally even his meemaw Connie. The satisfaction of The Big Bang Theory comes from hearing Sheldon the adult make oblique references to events from his youth that are later shown on the program. Both programs complement one another.


2. Fuller House (2016-2020)

Fuller House


A follow-up to Full House, Fuller House focused on the life of D.J., the oldest Tanner daughter. But Max, her kid, was the star of every scene. Max was a bright, precocious student who enjoyed dressing up like Sheldon in trousers and button-up shirts with vests. Even instead of a backpack, he went to school with a briefcase.

He was also a big fan of cleanliness and order. He enjoyed correcting people and making fun of his siblings for not being as smart as he was. If Max and Sheldon had lived in the same television universe, they could have gotten along.

3. The Middle (2009-2018)

The Middle

One of the TV shows that viewers think aren't viewed enough, The Middle is set in Indiana and revolves around a lower-middle-class family that has daily struggles with job and family obligations. Similar to Young Sheldon, the family has three children, all of whom are significantly different from one another. The daughter Sue is socially awkward, while the oldest son Axl is popular and athletic but lazy and not interested in school. The smallest song Brick is an introverted bookworm. Fans have long hypothesized that Sheldon might also have Asperger syndrome based on his conduct.

4. The Goldbergs (2013-Present)

The Goldbergs

Each episode of The Goldbergs, which is likewise set in the 1980s and later stretches into the 1990s, has a similar nostalgic feel as the Goldberg family deals with challenges and several pop culture events from that era. The protagonist and narrator of the story is an adult version of the youngest son Adam, who is portrayed as a member of another middle-class family with three kids. Adam is a socially awkward nerd who loves Star Trek and Star Wars but despises sports and physical class. The show is more bizarre than Young Sheldon since it features plots inspired by the creator's real-life childhood.

5. Modern Family (2009-2020)

Modern Family

Like Young Sheldon, Modern Family is about a middle-class family with three kids, and each of the kids is unique. Luke, the youngest kid, is equally stupid, rebellious, and trouble-making as Haley, the dimwitted, self-centered oldest daughter. Alex, the middle kid, is a bright but worried young woman who struggles to fit in and is frequently irritated by her absurd family. Like Missy, Sheldon's twin sister can be rather snarky. Alex shares Sheldon's deep affection for her parents, siblings, and other family members. But whenever she can, she doesn't hold back from pointing out and correcting their errors. Young Sheldon could easily be included on a list of the greatest TV pilots of all time because Modern Family had one of them.



The sixth season of Young Sheldon will premiere on CBS on September 29, 2022, and a seventh season has already been confirmed. The show's continued existence is evidence of Young Sheldon's appeal to viewers and critics alike. Despite being a standard sitcom, Young Sheldon offers sharp writing and dependable characters. Even though most shows try to develop likable characters that viewers will want to watch, only a select handful, like Young Sheldon, can hold their viewers' attention over time.

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Is Young Sheldon getting Cancelled?
Yes, it's official that the CBS network has finally renewed Young Sheldon for Season 6. The renewal was confirmed in March 2021.

What does Young Sheldon suffer from?
Sheldon often gets talked about in terms of Asperger's or OCD. He has a thing with germs, he has a thing with numbers, he's got a lot of that precision that we see in OCD. There's a lot of interesting features to all of our characters that make them techn

Is Young Sheldon season 5 over?
In March 2021, CBS renewed the series for a fifth, sixth, and seventh season. As of May 19, 2022, 105 episodes of Young Sheldon have aired, concluding the fifth season. The sixth season is scheduled to premiere on September 29, 2022.

Why did Georgie go to Mexico?
After losing her job at the church because Georgie got a girl pregnant out of wedlock, Mary finds another job at the bowling alley with none other than Brenda. Georgie and Meemaw travel to Mexico to buy cigarettes for a cheaper price so they can sell them

Did Sheldon and Amy have a baby?
Leonard Cooper is the son of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. He does not have a physical appearance in the series, only being mentioned by his father.

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