‘It Was My Responsibility’: Brooke Shields Announces Candidacy For President Of Actors’ Equity Association

In recent news, Brooke Shields is running for President of the Actors' Equity Association, competing against Wydetta Carter and Erin Maureen Koster. Read the details below.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  03:39 PM IST |  42.5K
Brooke Shields- (Instagram/Brooke Shields)
Brooke Shields- (Instagram/Brooke Shields)
Key Highlight
  • Brooke Shields is running for president of the Actors' Equity Association
  • Brooke Shields is competing against Wydetta Carter and Erin Maureen Koster in the election
  • Besides modeling , Shields has five Broadway credits under her name as a replacement star

Brooke Shields is running for President of the Actors' Equity Association, the union representing approximately 51,000 actors and stage managers on Broadway and nationwide. In a video announcement, Shields said she felt compelled to run after learning that Kate Shindle, the current president who has served in the position since 2015, was not going to seek re-election after her term ends on May 23.  

A spokesperson for Actors’ Equity confirmed her candidacy. Shields said in the video, “I felt it was my responsibility to step up. I want to lead with strength. I want to lead with intelligence, with compassion, with passion, and of course a little bit of humor, always. I have been in the trenches with you, and you have always had my back, and I’m here to tell you that I have your back.”  

What will Brooke Shields be contributing as president? 

As a president, Shields said she would try to use both what she learned on Broadway and her own star power to speak up and create change within the community and nationwide. 

“I want Equity to be in the position to command the respect that we deserve, whether it’s at the bargaining table or in DC or in every state house and city hall across the country, where we want to lobby for arts funding. I want to use all of the goodwill, and the advantages that I have built up in my career over the years, to be able to grow the value of being an Equity member,” Brooke continued. 



Shields is currently running against two other candidates for the Actors’ Equity Association presidency: Wydetta Carter, an actor who is currently serving as Equity’s first vice president, and Erin Maureen Koster, a stage manager and third vice president at Actors’ Equity.


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What other work does Brooke Shields require her position to do?

Brooke Shields's position requires her to negotiate union contracts for Broadway and tour theaters. She will also lead unionizing efforts for other groups, including performers at Disneyland, and demands for the position have increased since the pandemic, as Equity members have been pushing for higher wages and greater understudy coverage amid escalating costs to produce theater. As Shields noted, in light of the increased costs, theaters across the country have also been pushing for greater arts funding. 

Apart from modeling , Shields has five Broadway credits as a replacement star, which include playing Morticia Addams during the run of The Addams Family in 2011, as Sally Bowles in 2001 during the run of Cabaret, and as Roxie Hart in Chicago in 2005. Her first role was as Betty Rizzo in Grease in 1994. 


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