Madison Beer's 'Make You Mine Comeback' Has Fans Talking About Megan Fox's 'Jennifer's Body' Reference

Madison Beer has come up with the latest music video for her song Make You Mine. And fans could not stop noticing the references picked from Megan Fox's teen thriller movie Jennifer's Body.

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Madison Beer launches music video
Madison Beer (Instagram)

Madison Beer has again come up with a grand hit with the release of the music video of her song Make You Mine. While the track itself is a banger, the music video has made people notice the references to the horror comedy movie Jennifer’s Body. 

What elements in the video reminded people of the Megan Fox film? Here are the details.

Madison Beer in her latest music video  

The beats of the track, Make You Mine, had already engaged everyone, who couldn't stop grooving to the lyrics and the voice of Madison Beer. However, with the release of the music video of the same track, the fans have been bewildered. 

And with the storyline that is being portrayed in this video, the viewers can see a lot of inspiration drawn largely from the 2009 movie Jennifer’s Body. 

In the music video, the Reckless singer can be seen dressed as a cheerleader while teaming up with her best friend. Together, they are shown working on their plan, which gives chills as the two friends lure and kill their male classmate. 

The high school scenes from the track will totally remind you of the events from the Megan Fox movie. 



Following the release of her video, people could be seen expressing their views on X (formerly Twitter). 

A user on X stated, “She's like Megan Fox from the movie ‘Jennifer's Body,’” while another comment read, “Same Energy,” while also posting a gif of Megan Fox walking down the hallway of her high school in the movie.

Madison Beer’s Make You Mine

The song Make You Mine is currently holding its place at the No. 8 position on the TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart. This track went ahead to grab this position as the dance-driven chorus was noticed to go viral on TikTok. 

Talking to Billboard about her latest track, Make You Mine, the singer stated, “It’s just so fun, such a feel-good song. It’s sexy, it’s infectious. I haven’t played it for anyone that hasn’t just like (started) dancing and felt immediately hotter after listening to it, and that’s always how I want to make people feel.”

This isn't the first time that Madison Beer has paid tribute to Megan Fox; once, she decided to dress as Jennifer from the aforementioned movie during a Halloween party. 

Jennifer’s Body also stars acclaimed actors such as Amanda Seyfried, Chris Pratt, Johnny Simmons, and more.

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How old is Madison Beer?
Born on March 5, 1999 Madison Beer is 25 years old.

What's the name of the latest music video of Madison Beer?
Make You Mine is the name of the latest music video of Madison Beer.

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