MaXXXine’s Director Ti West Reveals How ‘Great, Rich, Aesthetic’ Movies Like Body Double Inspired His Latest Slasher Film

MaXXXine didn't replicate some of the classic 80s films but drew inspiration for aesthetics! The director talks about the "rich" spirit of the era that the film encapsulated!

Updated on Jul 05, 2024  |  11:10 PM IST |  41.1K
Mia Goth in MaXXXine (via YouTube/A24)

Ti West’s horror trilogy is concluding with the hotly anticipated film MaXXXine!

The director—who did not plan on the trilogy while creating the first film, X—opened up about the inspiration behind the now-famous horror franchise. The Mia Goth starrer slasher follows the journey of Maxine, who is committed to leaving her violent past behind and seeking stardom in Hollywood.


Ti West on the inspiration behind MaXXXine

The third and final film in the Ti West horror franchise is set in 1985, immersed in the history and iconography of that time. During a conversation with Variety, the director was asked whether he drew inspiration from previous films for MaXXXine’s aesthetic. 

“When you’re trying to recreate the ’80s aesthetic, what you’re also recreating is a sense of the media of the time,” he said. Although recreating that era was less specific, films like Body Double did come in handy. 

“Body Double is a really great, rich, aesthetic movie that takes place in Hollywood, behind the scenes of moviemaking,” he added. Considering that MaXXXine has a similar movie within a movie premise, Body Double is a great film to get creative ideas. 

He also mentioned other movies like time capsules in Hollywood, from Vice Squad to Angel to Foxes, because they highlight both glamorous and non-glamorous sides of Los Angeles. Although the latest horror film doesn’t replicate those classics, it does keep the spirit of that era alive. 



How did Ti West envision the ending of his horror trilogy?

Although Ti West’s trilogy became one of the most successful horror franchises, that’s not what he originally intended. “I had written X as just one movie,” he recalled. However, he had ideas about the prequel Pearl and the latest sequel. 

He pitched A24 Studios the idea of doing X, followed by XX and XXX. “But that really came down to whether we could get “Pearl” made first; let’s see if anyone likes these movies, and then we’ll talk about MaXXXine,” he told Variety. 

So when the movies became successful, he hoped to get into pre-production for the final film immediately, and the studios made it happen. “I wrote MaXXXine in post-production on “Pearl,” with the hope that we would just roll right into it, and credit to A24, we did,” he added. 

MaXXXine is currently available in theaters. 



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