Nikki Blonsky And Hailey Jo Jenson Reveal Getting Married In An Intimate Ceremony; DEETS Here

Hailey Jo Jenson and Nikki Blonsky exchanged vows in a small, heartfelt wedding. Read on for more details about the ceremony.

Published on Jun 03, 2024  |  10:39 PM IST |  33.8K
All About Nikki Blonsky And Hailey Jo Jenson’s Intimate Wedding
Nikki Blonsky And Hailey Jo Jenson’s Wedding (PC: Instagram)

Nikki Blonsky, who is widely known for her part in Hairspray, recently revealed to Out magazine that she is married to Hailey Jo Jenson, who goes by they/them. The significance of their small wedding on October 21, 2023, was increased by Hailey's attendance. 

Blonsky gushed about their matching tattoos of rings. They stand for their enduring bond. Their equally important engagement took place in secret in 2022, complete with a trip to New York and a ring exchange. Together, they go in love and harmony, demonstrating their steadfast devotion to one another and their deep affection for one another.

Blonsky's love story and marriage announcement

Blonsky's statement emphasizes the beauty of love and dedication. This was regardless of gender conventions. It symbolizes a celebration of personal joy and the unique bond shared by two people.

Blonsky told Out that he chose to be real rather than grandiose. She stated the reasons that his original plan did not feel authentic to their connection. He recalled feeling the ring burn in his pocket during a relaxing evening spent in bed watching television. Jenson explained that they were confessing their love for one another, and Blonsky produced a ring. Hailey then manufactured one, which they enthusiastically celebrated.

After announcing their engagement on Instagram in September 2022, they decided to wait until they felt it was appropriate to announce their marriage. Blonsky was inspired to announce their marital status after recalling his brother's November wedding and the satisfaction of referring to a spouse. After realizing this, they decided to publicly announce their union.


She continued by saying that she always wanted to inspire people to live authentically and accept love, highlighting the fact that everyone is deserving of it, as Pride Month drew near.

Blonsky and Jenson's romantic journey

Blonsky, who came out in 2020, randomly selected followers to connect with during a TikTok Live session. Following their first conversation, Jenson sent Blonsky a direct message asking for a cameo. 

Their relationship grew organically from that point on. When they finally met in person, Blonsky immediately felt a connection with him. She fell in love at first sight. Their relationship was reinforced, and the groundwork for their journey together was built at this time, signaling the beginning of a stronger tie.

When Hailey visited her in California, she told how they arrived at the top of the stairs with their bags and turned around to see their faces for the first time. She boldly proclaimed, "This is the person I'm going to marry for sure."


Blonsky noted that before meeting Jenson, she had never considered marriage. She claimed to be content with her job and approached love with the attitude "If it finds its way to me, so be it." She was grateful that it had truly happened.

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