Olivia Munn Reveals the Reason She Documented Her Cancer Journey Was to Show Her Son

Olivia Munn, battling breast cancer, wants her son Malcolm to understand her journey and the strength she showed. She hopes he recognizes her fight if she doesn’t make it.

Published on May 18, 2024  |  12:47 PM IST |  52.4K
Olivia Munn Planned On A Child In Future Post Mastectomy She Reveals
Olivia Munn (PC: IMDb)

The breast cancer diagnosis Olivia Munn received last winter has required her to undergo surgeries and other treatments in the past year. On Thursday, she said she wanted to show her two-year-old son Malcolm what she went through and her journey. If she doesn't make it, her son should know how hard his mother fought.

Olivia Munn feels it's important to let her son know what's happening to her

Previously, Munn had received clean bills of health when assessing her cancer risk, but when she took a final "lifetime risk assessment," it told a different story. In response to the results of that test, she underwent an MRI which revealed stage one aggressive luminal B breast cancer in both breasts. In additional tests, more tum ors were found in her breasts which indicated an urgent need for treatment. A month after being diagnosed she underwent a double mastectomy.

Upon hearing the word cancer she said, "Honestly, I just thought of my baby." She also explained why she wanted to document the experience. "The people in your life, the people who might not understand what's going on right now, should know that you did everything you could to stay alive," she said

Olivia Munn (PC: IMDb)

Additionally, Munn thanked her partner and Malcolm's father, comedian John Mulaney, for supporting her. “He’s honestly just the best human being,” she said. "He approaches everything in life with such compassion and understanding. "However, the problem is that he makes me laugh so much that there are times when I'm like, 'You have to leave.'" She said she would have popped a stitch if she laughed too much and she said that with a smile.


What has she planned for her future endeavors?

Her interview also revealed that after her double mastectomy she underwent egg retrieval with the hope of having another child with Mulaney. "That's a scary process since I have a cancer that feeds off of hormones, so I knew there would be a risk," she said. The doctor said they would receive one embryo and then stop. Two healthy embryos were announced by the doctor later. Both of them were moved to tears by this news. After the experience she realized that what matters most is her family, far more than her career or body.

She went through medically induced menopause as a result of the hormone-suppression therapy she received as part of her cancer treatment, according to the interview. After undergoing a hysterectomy and ovariectomy she was able to regain her energy. Now she's analyzing future treatments.

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