'So Are You Single?': TikToker Georgia Godworth Asks Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann Explicit Question In An Interview

TikTok comedian Georgia Godworth unknowingly interviewed director Baz Luhrmann about his marriage and sexual habits, leading to a hilariously awkward viral video.

Published on Jun 01, 2024  |  05:34 PM IST |  40.7K
Baz Luhrmann in The Story of Film: An Odyssey (IMDb)

TikTok comedian Georgia Godworth unknowingly interviewed Elvis director Baz Luhrmann about his marriage and sexual habits in a now-viral video after randomly stopping him on the streets of Sydney, Australia.

In the caption, Godworth admitted she “had no idea this was Baz Luhrmann,” explaining the painfully awkward moments in the interview.

Tik-Toker Georgia Godworth asks Baz Luhrmann explicit questions in an interview 


Despite the confusion, Luhrmann played along, even admitting he doesn’t “usually… do interviews.” Before the interview started, he directed the cameraman to a different angle for better lighting saying “I think you need to put the camera—I think it is there,” which puzzled Godworth. 

She continued with her interview saying “Yeah, that’s good, get the light, get the angles,” before asking, “So, are you single?” Luhrmann, who is married to costume designer Catherine Martin, explained his untraditional marriage.

He explained, “During that journey of marriage, the person I’m married to and I found our own really genuine and authentic concept of what our contract to each other should be.” He emphasized “My own general philosophy is if you care about someone but they fall in love with someone else, or they like someone, there has to be some degree of acceptance. It’s a contract of communication,”


Godworth took the interview in a more explicit direction, stating, “It’s a loose contract where you can fuck other people occasionally.” Luhrmann replied he's "not sure what that means,” prompting Godworth to clarify: “threesomes, foursomes, orgy, the occasional booty call.”

Luhrmann then asked her, “How many foursomes have you had?” he added, “You can be honest.” Godworth hesitated before answering, “Six.” This response unsettled Luhrmann, who asked, “So then, what is the point of the conversation we’re having?”

After a few more questions about his dating life, they ended the interview with a handshake. Luhrmann said at the end, “I usually don’t do interviews, but I’m happy to be a part of yours.”

Georgia Godworth expressed that she had no idea it was Baz Luhrmann

After the interview went viral, Godworth told The Guardian that she didn’t recognize Luhrmann, despite being a big fan of his work. “Moulin Rouge was my favorite film as a child and I absolutely love Romeo + Juliet, I see him as an icon—I just didn’t recognize him!”


Baz Luhrmann recently created a miniseries Faraway Downs with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in 2023. 

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