'We Knew She'd Be Great': Michael Angarano Talks Casting Kristen Stewart In Sacramento; Says She Wanted To Work With Michael Cera

Michael Angarano opens up about getting Kristen Stewart on board for his indie buddy comedy film Sacramento.

Published on Jun 09, 2024  |  02:59 PM IST |  35.5K
Sacramento via IMDB
Sacramento via IMDB

As Michael Angarano gets ready to launch his indie friendship comedy about two guys who are friends from college setting off on a road trip, titled Sacramento, he reflects on its origins.

Despite not knowing much about Sacramento specifically, Angarano and his co-writer Chris Smith found symbolic meaning in the city itself. It was during this time that he saw a sign by the road showing how far Sacramento was from Los Angeles and conceived of the movie’s concept.

Though he didn't have his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, in mind while writing the role of Glenn's wife in the film, he thought she would make the perfect cast for that role opposite Michael Cera, who plays one of the two buddies.

How Michael Angarano got Kristen Stewart on board for Sacramento

Kristen Stewart dated Angarano from 2005 to 2009 i.e. until the birth of Twilight which brought in her subsequent sensational love interest. The duo have known each other since they were merely 12 years old. As per Variety, Michael approached Kristen for the role of Rosie who is Cera’s character’s pregnant wife.

He said to the aforementioned publication, "I’ve known Kristen, since we were like 12 years old. We did not write it with Kristen in mind. But you get a list of stars when you make anything that the people who control the money are interested in having be in the film." He emphasized stating, "Kristen was obviously on the very top tier of that list. We knew she’d be great in the role and she’s a person who has a history of doing smaller films like this."


Kristen Stewart decided to do the movie because she liked the script and wanted to work with Michael Cera. The Love Lies Bleeding star's involvement in the film helped them get the funding they required for shooting in Sacramento instead of some suburb around Atlanta.

All about the movie Sacramento 

In Sacramento, two estranged college friends reconnect during a pivotal moment in their lives. Michael Cera plays Glenn who is overwhelmed by impending parenthood and career stress. Ricky is played by Angarano; he’s a carefree friend with personal issues that are more than they seem.

The official description of the movie reads, "Rickey, an energetic and free-spirited young man who convinces Glenn, his long-time friend who's settled into domestic life, to go on an impromptu road trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento."

Both actors insist however that despite their longtime friendship, the characters portrayed are not who either of them really is. Angarano ended up meeting the love of his life, Maya Erskine on set as she was cast as Ricky’s ex-girlfriend.


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