What Was the Reason For Martin Henderson's Nathan Riggs to Leave Grey's Anatomy? Here's What Happened

Martin Henderson joined Grey’s Anatomy as Nathan Briggs on Season 12. This is the reason being the star's exit from the show in Season 14.

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Reason behind Nathan Briggs Written Off Grey’s Anatomy
Martin Henderson in Grey’s Anatomy (PC: YouTube)

Nathan Riggs was a part of Grey’s Anatomy for two whole seasons.  Martin Henderson played the character of Rigss on the show through seasons 12, 13, and 14.

Nathan Riggs was written off the show in Season 14. Here’s the real reason why Dr.Riggs was not a part of the series after Season 14.

Why did Martin Henderson's Nathan Riggs leave Grey's Anatomy?

Martin Henderson played the role of Nathan Riggs on the hit show. The star’s journey as a cast member came to an end in Season 14. Here’s why the cardiothoracic surgeon was written off from the show. Martin Henderson had signed a two-year contract with the show. 

Martin Henderson in Grey’s Anatomy (PC: IMDb)

When the contract ended the writers were left with no other option than to write off the character of Nathan Riggs. In Season 14’s Episode 5, the viewers get to see Dr. Riggs get his happy ending. Nathan and Megan move to California to lead their lives. The two also take their adopted son Farouk along with them. 

This is the last time Nathan Riggs is seen in the series. The writers of teh show reportedly had quite a bit of time to write Martin Henderson’s exit from the show.  The character is mentioned in multiple types in the show even after his exit.


Who was Nathan Briggs in Grey's Anatomy?

Nathan Riggs worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Actor Martin Henderson played the character of the doctor from New Zealand. Riggs was introduced as a friend of April Kepner in Season 12 of the show. The two as it was revealed had met at their time in the army.
Nathan Riggs and Megan were romantically involved in the show. Things took a turn when Megan disappeared from the Iraqi hospital. After he had dealt with the loss of Megan’s disappearance,  he ended up being a love interest to Meredith Grey in the show. Sparks flew between the two during episode 23 of Season 12. The pair decided to put an end to their romance after Megan’s return. 

Megan and Nathan eventually got their happy ending on the show. Grey’s Anatomy came out with its 20th Season in 2024. The show will complete 20 Seasons in 2024 after airing its initial season in 2005. 


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