Will House Ever Get A Reboot? Lisa Cuddy Actress Shares Her Thoughts

A House revival remains uncertain despite the show's ongoing popularity and fans' interest. The complex narrative and the original cast's dynamic present challenges for a potential reboot.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  12:58 PM IST |  18.3K
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Key Highlight
  • Lisa Edelstein expressed hope for a House revival
  • The show's unique, politically incorrect approach complicates any continuation

The future of the popular show House as a medical drama is still not clear. The series was launched in 2004, featuring Hugh Laurie as Dr Gregory House alongside Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, and Lisa Edelstein. 

Running for eight seasons and producing 177 episodes, House received several accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards and two Primetime Emmy Awards. However, it closed in 2012 without any spin-offs or reboots.

Lisa Edelstein gives a glimmer of hope

In a recent interview at the Tribeca Film Festival, Lisa Edelstein, who played Dr Lisa Cuddy, talked about the possibility of rescue for House. She claimed that its popularity has remained intact over the years, especially due to new streaming platforms. To make matters worse, she said that today’s viewers might comprehend what Dr. House’s brusque and often grating personality represents politically incorrectness-wise. However, she admitted that there was no concrete evidence to back up these claims.

“It’s complicated, but, I mean, I'm not sure. I mean, everything's possible. I mean, it was such a wonderful experience when it was existing. I love that young people are embracing it again,” said Edelstein. 

She continued saying, “It’s really interesting to me because, culturally, things just keep shifting back and forth. The Good Doctor was David Shore's next show, and it’s kind of the inverse of House, where everybody's so good. On our show, everybody was so politically incorrect because I think people were just aching for that again.”


Will House ever come back?

There has never been a major character quite like Dr Gregory House in any other medical drama on TV before or since. Using various ways of treating patients through real talk created originality for this show. In fact, his straightforward style, plus the continual companionship with all of his colleagues who mostly objected to his methods, gave rise to an unusual narrative pattern. These factors may deter its revival yet make it so successful.

No one else can play Dr House but Hughe Laurie. However, at sixty-four years old, Laurie could consider returning to this role if he wanted to have a revival of the show. Moreover, their collaboration as original actors was important for the success of House, making them necessary participants in any possible rebooting.

Additionally, the last episode poses a problem for storytelling purposes. In conclusion, Dr House staged his death to be with Wilson, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of the series. Although this was a good way to end the storylines, it complicates the continuation. Any new project would likely need a spin-off or reboot rather than a direct sequel.


Nevertheless, there is yet no sign that the House will be revived to its previous glory. Nonetheless, House enthusiasts still cling to hope while uncertainty looms over its future.

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Is there any confirmed plan for a House revival?
No, there are no confirmed plans for a *House* revival at this time.

Why is a House revival complicated?
The definitive ending and the essential dynamic of the original cast make a revival challenging.

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